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CAPTCHA Configuration

Graphics Driver
Sets the type of CAPTCHA to use:
  • Select GD Libs to use GD PHP Graphics Library.
  • Select ImageMagick to use the ImageMagick convert utility.
  • Select Math Equation to use the built-in mathematical captcha.
  • Select Static Images to use the prebuilt images supplied with CAPTCHA.
  • Select reCAPTCHA to use the reCAPTCHA service which helps to digitize books, newspapers and old time radio shows. Visit the reCAPTCHA website for more details.
Static Image Set
If you choose Static Images as the graphics driver, select which set of static images you wish to use. Default is a set of images that look just like the dynamic images generated by CAPTCHA. Simple is a very simple graphic that is much easier to read.
Graphics Format
Specifies the format of the CAPTCHA graphic (JPG or PNG).
Full Path to ImageMagick's Convert Utility
Specifies the full path to ImageMagick’s convert program (i.e. /usr/local/bin/convert or /usr/bin/convert).
reCAPTCHA Public Key
The reCAPTCHA Public Key - To obtain a reCAPTCHA public / private key please sign up for an API key at the reCAPTCHA site.
reCAPTCHA Private Key
The reCAPTCHA Private Key - To obtain a reCAPTCHA public / private key please sign up for an API key at the reCAPTCHA site.
Specify the reCAPTCHA theme. Valid choices are:
  • white
  • red
  • darkglass
  • clean
If enabled, CAPTCHA will place detailed debug messages in the glFusion error.log file.
Log Invalid CAPTCHA Attempts
If enabled, CAPTCHA failures will be logged in the glFusion captcha.log file.
How Many Seconds a CAPTCHA Session is Valid
How many seconds a CAPTCHA session is considered valid. Once this time limit has expired, the CAPTCHA will fail due to session timeout.

CAPTCHA Integration

Anonymous Only
Only present the CAPTCHA entry to non-logged in users.
Force CAPTCHA for All Remote Users
Force CAPTCHA for all 'remote' users (Open ID type users).
Enable Comment
Enable CAPTCHA for comments.
Enable Story
Enable CAPTCHA for story submissions.
Enable Registration
Enable CAPTCHA for new user registration.
Enable Contact
Enable CAPTCHA for contact users (via email).
Enable Email Story
Enable CAPTCHA to email a story.
Enable Forum
Enable CAPTCHA for Forum postings.
Enable Media Gallery (Postcards)
Enable CAPTCHA for Media Gallery postcards.
Enable Links Plugin Support
Enable CAPTCHA for new link submissions.
Enable Calendar Plugin Support
Enable CAPTCHA for new event submissions.
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