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glFusion Caching

glFusion includes a Caching Library which caches many items to reduce the overall load on your web server and speeds web page loading significantly.

glFusion utilizes template files to keep the PHP code and the design separate. Each time a page is loaded, the template must be rebuilt. glFusion caches the templates so they do not have to be rebuilt each time. This provides a significant speed increase for your site. Due to glFusion's very flexible permission system, we know that different users may see different content based on their permissions, we account for this as we cache the templates to ensure permissions are properly honored.
Much of the content on your site will not change frequently. A good example would be a story. Once you post a story, it generally will not change. glFusion will cache the HTML for the story so it does not have to pull the information from the database and rebuild the story each time a user views it. If you edit the story, the cache is automatically cleared so it will be rebuilt with your latest updates.

glFusion also caches several other content types such as blocks, menus, etc.
Style Sheets and JavaScript
glFusion is a modular system, support core functions and extensions via plugins. Each plugin can have it's own CSS style sheets or JavaScript that needs to be loaded. glFusion will combine all the CSS and JavaScript into a single file to speed up loading and reduce the number of requests the user's browser has to send to the server. This greatly reduces the server load and speeds up the page loading process.

The style sheets are cached into a single file. If you make edits to the style sheets, you should clear the cache (see below) to ensure the style sheet cache file is rebuilt.
Clearing the Cache
Generally not needed, there may be cases where you update information used by glFusion directly, such as editing a database table directly, editing a configuration file or changing a style sheet or JavaScript file. In these cases, it is recommended that you manually clear the glFusion cache, which is available in Command & Control → Clear Cache. This will delete all cache files and they will be rebuilt as needed.
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