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Custom Styles for Individual Blocks

To create a specific style for a single block that is different from other blocks:

  • Create your block in the Block Manager (Command & Control » Blocks » Create New), and save it. Note the Block Name you specify, as you will need it in the next step.
  • Open your theme's functions.php file (i.e. public_html/layout/cms/functions.php by default), and look for references to $_BLOCK_TEMPLATE definitions. Below this section, add a new entry for your custom block, replacing <BLOCK NAME> with the actual Block Name of your block:
$_BLOCK_TEMPLATE['<BLOCK NAME>'] = 'blockheader-<BLOCK NAME>.thtml,blockfooter-<BLOCK NAME>.thtml';
  • Save the functions.php file.
  • Copy the default blockheader.thtml and blockfooter.thtml files from public_html/layout/cms/ to public_html/layout/cms/custom/ and then rename them, appending <BLOCK NAME> to the file name, like your specified in the functions.php file.
  • Edit these new blockheader-<BLOCK NAME>.thtml and blockfooter-<BLOCK NAME>.thtml files to your liking and save them.
  • Clear the CTL cache (Command & Control » Clear Template Cache) and your local browser cache (CTRL+F5).
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