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Auto Tag Permissions

Auto Tag permissions are very different from the other permission systems in glFusion. Instead of controlling who (i.e.; user or group) can access an auto tag, auto tag permissions control where an auto tag can be used.

Auto Tags are primarily designed to allow one type of content to be mixed with another type - for example, using the [media:] auto tag you can embed Media Gallery images into a story or a forum post. The permission that controls who can see the content is controlled by the content's permissions. For example, if you have a Media Gallery album that only logged-in users can view, if you use the [media:] auto tag to embed an image from this album into a story, only logged-in users would be able to see the media.

Where is more important that Who

Since auto tags allow different types of content to be mixed, controlling where an auto tag can be used becomes very important. For example, the [showblock:] auto tag will display a glFusion block in content - it makes a lot of sense for this auto tag to be available in static pages, but very little sense to have it available in comments.

A better example might be the [youtube:] auto tag. We might want to allow our users to include YouTube videos in comments or forum posts. But we probably don't want them to include videos in their About Page or in mailing a story to a friend or in a Media Gallery description field for an image. This is where having the control over where an auto tag can be used really helps expand the overall power of auto tags!

The permissions associated with the content being embedded will still be honored. For example, if you allow the media: auto tag in comments, if someone links to a Media Gallery item that is only available to logged-in-users, the auto tag / media item will only be displayed to logged-in-users, anonymous users will simply not see anything.

This is why controlling where an auto tag can be used is more useful than controlling who can use one - the content handles the who, the auto tag permissions handle the where.

Editing Permissions

There are 2 methods to edit the permissions for an auto tag:

  • In the Auto Tag Administration screen, each auto tag has an edit icon where you can select where that auto tag can be used.
  • In the Auto Tag Administration screen, there is a permission editor where you select the content area, then choose the auto tags allowed in this area. This method is much more intuitive and the best method to quickly setup where auto tags can be used on your site.

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