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 +====== Private Message Plugin ======
 +The PM plugin allows members of your site to send private messages to each
 +===== System Requirements =====
 +PM has the following system requirements:​
 +  * PHP 5.3.0 and higher.
 +  * glFusion v1.4.0 or newer
 +===== Installation =====
 +The PM Plugin uses the glFusion automated plugin installer.
 +Simply upload the distribtuion using the glFusion plugin installer located in
 +the Plugin Administration page.
 +===== Upgrading =====
 +The upgrade process is identical to the installation process, simply upload
 +the distribution from the Plugin Administration page.
 +===== Configuration Settings =====
 +**Message Per Page?**
 +    Set this to the number of messages to display in the message list.
 +**Posting Speedlimit (seconds)**
 +    Set this to the number of seconds a user must wait before sending
 +    additional messages.
 +**Max Number of recipients per message**
 +    Set this to the maximum number of recipients a user can send a message
 +    to at one time.
 +===== Usage =====
 +The PM plugin supports 4 folders for messages:
 +|Inbox ​ |where new messages are stored ​ |
 +|Outbox ​ |where sent messages are intially stored until the recipient has read the message. ​ |
 +|Sent  |where sent messages that have been read by the recipient are stored. ​ |
 +|Archive ​ |A folder where each user can save messages for future reference. ​ |
 +If a message is in a user's Outbox, they can delete the message, this will
 +retract (delete from the recipients inbox) the message. ​ Once a recipient
 +has read a message, it cannot be retracted by the sender.
 +The PM Plugin supports '​Friend Lists'​. Friends enable you quick access to
 +members you communicate with frequently. ​ You can add friends by clicking
 +the 'Add to Friends'​ icon under the user's information when viewing a message,
 +or you can use the '​Manage Friends'​ link to add / remove friends.
 +===== Restricting Access to the PM Plugin =====
 +During the installation of the PM plugin, a glFusion group called 'PM Users'
 +is created. ​ The existing glFusion group '​Logged in Users' is automatically
 +added to the PM Users group, allowing all logged in site members access to
 +the PM plugin.
 +If you would like to restrict the use of the PM plugin to a sub-set of your
 +users, you will need to remove the '​Logged In Users' group from the PM Users
 +group. ​ This can be done in the glFusion Group Administration screen.
 +You will now need to add user individually to the PM Users group, or add
 +another group on your site to the PM Users group to grant the subset of users
 +access to the PM plugin.
 +===== Forum - PM Integration =====
 +The PM Plugin will integrate with the glFusion Forum plugin and provide
 +a PM link in the footer of the forum posts.
 +You must be running glFusion v1.1.6 or higher.
 +===== Importing From gl_messenger =====
 +If you had the Geeklog gl_messenger plugin installed and would like to import the private messages in it to the PM plugin, simply run the following script (you must be logged into your site as a Root user):
 +    http://​​admin/​plugins/​pm/​import_messenger.php
 +===== ChangeLog =====
 +  * Fixed incorrect date display on index page
 +  * Support for glFusion v1.4.x
 +  * Not released - internal test version
 +  * Quotes in subjects did not display properly on reply
 +  * Improved error message when recipient blocks PM messages
 +  * Implemented new glFusion admin authentication
 +  * Configuration option to specify which blocks display
 +  * Add ability to block users from sending you a PM
 +  * Full text notification - include the actual PM in the notification email
 +  * New Dutch Translation
 +  * New Swedish Translation
 +  * Override quotmain style
 +  * Add support for smileys plugin
 +  * Improve speedlimit handling ​
 +  * Added German translation
 +  * Initial production release
 +===== License =====
 +This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
 +the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software
 +Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later