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 +====== What's New in glFusion v1.1.8======
 +glFusion v1.1.8 continues our commitment to providing a secure and robust content management system. This release release includes a minor bug fixes and a security update. ​ All glFusion users are encouraged to upgrade as soon as possible.
 +For those who are **upgrading**,​ please don't forget to run the **[[glfusion:​upgrade|Upgrade Wizard]]** after you have loaded the files to your server.
 +Some of the enhancements below required us to make some changes to the template files. ​ Be sure and check out the [[glfusion:​template_changes|Template Changes]] page and update any of your **custom** templates.
 +===== Notable Enhancements for glFusion v1.1.8 =====
 +**Security Update - Fixed Potential XSS Issue**
 +Our continued code audits uncovered a potential XSS issue where a input parameter was not properly escaped before being used in a HTML form.  ​
 +**Full Name can now be a required field during registration**
 +An often requested feature to add the full name to the registration screen has been implemented. ​ There is a new configuration option that allows you to add the Full Name field to the registration screen. ​ The field can be optional or required.
 +**Improvements to the Rating System**
 +In glFusion v1.1.7 we released a new Star Rating system. ​ We have fixed a few minor issues with this new feature. Specifically,​ it was possible to zero-out existing ratings on stories during edit. 
 +====== Full ChangeLog ======
 +**glFusion v1.1.8**
 +  * Made header site name easier to style
 +  * Added Full Name to user registration
 +  * Fixed a possible XSS issue
 +  * Added Character Set to the htmlentities call in LogView
 +  * Fixed problem where locales using comma instead of decimal would cause SQL error in rating
 +  * Fixed issue when magic_quotes_gpc is enabled it would remove info between quotes in HTML edit mode
 +  * Fixed issue where magic_quotes and PHP < 5.2 would cause images to be stripped from articles
 +  * Ensure story / comment titles properly wrap in What's New block
 +  * Story clone did not clone all attributes properly
 +  * Removed all file_exists() checks on template files
 +  * Tweaks to rating library to ensure only valid votes are processed
 +  * Editing a story would reset ratings to 0
 +  * Fixed error that could cause glFusion to crash when viewing FileMgmt comments
 +  * Fixed error in lib-comment.php
 +  * Removed an annoying warning message from upload class
 +  * Ensure What's New comment / trackback listings properly wrap
 +  * Username was cut-off at 16 characters
 +  * Add padding to loginform Submit button
 +**Bad Behavior2 Plugin**
 +  * Updated to release 2.0.36
 +**FileMgmt Plugin**
 +  * Fixed issue where old FM rating code could corrupt data
 +  * Fixed error that could cause glFusion to crash when viewing FileMgmt comments
 +**Forum Plugin**
 +  * Consistent use of min_min_username_length setting
 +  * Fixed issue where <​nowiki>​[link]</​nowiki>​ auto tag did not work in forum posts
 +**Media Gallery Plugin**
 +  * Fixed issue where images did not properly embed in Thunderbird when sending postcards
 +  * Fixed issue when an empty album could cause crash  when building album RSS feed
 +  * Fixed date issues in Manage Media screen where year was limited to less than 2010
 +  * Fixed issue where album_rpc could return invalid album_id when the album_id is actually valid
 +  * Fixed SWFupload so the browse button has proper transparency
 +  * Add space between file types to allow wrapping long lists
 +  * The Remote Media tab is missing from the Media Gallery upload options
 +====== What's New Archives ======