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 +====== What's New in glFusion v1.6.2 ======
 +=== Features ===
 +  * Updated Exifer library bundled with Media Gallery
 +  * Updated getID3 library to latest upstream release
 +  * Modified Admin menu layout to hide instruction block by default - new ? icon to toggle view
 +  * Improved DB admin completion notifications
 +  * Improved error handling on plugin uploads
 +  * Improved auto tag handling in search results
 +  * Added check / warning if PHP version past end-of-life for environment check and upgrade check pages
 +  * New auto tag permission editor
 +  * New [url:] auto tag
 +  * Added a warning in environment check and upgrade checker if site is running an older, no longer supported PHP version
 +  * Removed filecheck feature
 +  * Improved handling of auto tags in search results
 +  * Enhanced the obsolete file removal screen - show a modal confirmation if admin chooses to skip file removal
 +  * Enhanced user about field to allow auto tags
 +  * Plugin upload has been extended to now detect and allow uploads of plugin distributions directly from Git repositories
 +  * Implemented Non-Logged-in User group support - allows groups to now include non-logged-in users
 +  * Added Driven by glFusion CMS to footer below site copyright (footer.thtml)
 +  * fusionrescue can now reset passwords
 +=== Bug Fixes ===
 +  * Fixed several E_ALL PHP warnings dealing with plugin installation / upgrades
 +  * Fixed issue where temporary plugin directories were not removed if admin cancelled plugin upload
 +  * Corrected several areas where the wrong instance cache name was used when clearing the cache
 +  * Plugin uploads now handle errors much better
 +  * Updated MediaElement to v2.23.1
 +  * Fixed issue where stories loaded via infinite scroll did not display responsive content correctly
 +  * Removed dependency on PEAR Archive library - it was not PHP 7 compatible
 +  * Added missing #comments component to URLs in story templates
 +  * Fixed incorrect column header in global story attribute editor
 +  * Media Gallery - did not honor the album configured sort order
 +  * Media Gallery - long titles would push the admin menu down off navbar
 +  * Forum - fixed issue where quotes in forum post subject where replaced with &quote;
 +  * Media Gallery - Fixed issue in album edit - unable to set group ownership due to wrong template var name being used
 +  * Fixed issue with message handling (i.e.; ... saved successfully) interaction with plugins
 +  * Media Gallery - MP3 playblack - fallback to flash player would fail
 +  * Polls Plugin - Update to v2.2.1
 +    * Fixed issue where poll voter data could be overwritten
 +    * Fixed issue where poll voter data was being purged incorrectly (uncommitted - in test)
 +    * Fixed issue where deleting a poll did not delete the corresponding voter data
 +    * Fixed layout so poll URL does not push beyond the container (issue shows up when display in poll block)
 +  * headlines auto tag - panel template was missing a closing </​div>​
 +  * Story instance - dynamic auto tags would get cached and no longer be dynamic
 +  * Fixed issue in version check where it did not properly detect pl versions
 +====== What's New Archives ======