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What's New in glFusion v1.6.1


  • Database Administration Enhancements
    • Database Backup improvements - no longer relies on calling external programs. Nice visual progress bar showing status of backup.
    • Enhanced detection of current storage engine, only show conversions for items that are allowed
    • Ajax driven conversions, optimizations, and backup. Provides status bar show progress of action.
  • Updated UIKIT to v2.27.1 - UIKIT is the standard user interface framework leveraged by glFusion.
  • Support for Twitter Cards meta data for articles
  • Outbound email style improvements - much better support for desktops to mobile devices. Emails add a little polish to the user interaction.
  • Improved informational messages display - for UIKIT based themes it now uses a notify modal that will automatically close - timing and location can be configured in the Advanced Configuration settings available in the siteconfig.php file
  • Polls Plugin Updates
    • Record the user id of voters to prevent users from voting multiple times
    • Add option to allow only logged in users to vote on a poll (anonymous users are show the poll with a message that Login is required to Vote).
  • Stories can now have external attribution - useful for sites that aggregate content from other sites - allows you to give credit to the original author and site
  • Admins can now use SVG icons for topic icons
  • Block titles can now include a limited set of HTML - allowing for including UIKIT icons in the block title
  • Menu items can now include a limited set of HTML - allowing for including UIKIT icons in the menu labels
  • Added storyimage: parameter to headlines auto tag - 0 = pull stories without a story image, 1 = pull stories with a story image, 2 = pull everything, don't care about whether story_image is there or not
  • Improved theme's function.php handling, you can now have a custom/functions.php that is also included after the theme's main function.php
  • Added ability to use negative {!if } statements in templates - for example {!if !story_image} - this equates to if the story_image variable is NOT set, do the following…
  • Search feature for online configuration
  • Removed all PEAR HTTP2 dependencies
    • Converted final HTTP2 in SFS module to use http.class.php
    • Converted pingback / trackback libs to use http.class.php
  • Set alpha preserve in GD libs for all image work one area already had the alpha preserve option - now included in all areas where an new image is created.
  • Media Gallery Improvements
    • Implemented HTML5 playback for MP3 files
    • Implemented AJAX driven thumbnail resize and display image resize
    • Improved random image block - larger thumbnail with less white space
    • Improved grid layout for gallery and album page
  • General User Interface Improvements
    • Modified article title line spacing to better support wrapping
    • Set font weight to 700 for article title
    • Modified the scroll to top widget to use a slightly smaller square
  • Environment check now checks for additional PHP extensions that are required by glFusion
  • Allow Token TTL (Time to Live) to be configured in siteconfig.php
  • Implemented timer for forum, story and static page editors that will refresh security tokens during long editing sessions and alert when inactive for 15 minutes.
  • Improved Off Canvas menu implementation (Thanks to Rocky for inspiration). The menu navigation toggle is now part of the off canvas menu template making it properly self-contained.

Bug Fixes

  • Last comments in user profile page did not include all comments
  • FileMgmt plugin did not allow for downloads of files with spaces in the name
  • LinkedIn Authentication would fail due to permissions issue with Oauth request
  • Articles with quotes in the title would break the Disqus comment integration
  • Fixed issue where reCAPTCHA theme setting was not honored
  • Spam-X Link Counter did not always skip internal links
  • Better error handling when story submission fails
  • CMS theme HTML 5 validation tweaks
  • Fixed issue with new activation form in CMS theme - extra closing div was removed
  • Media Gallery: Fixed issue where the original filename was not always properly captured on upload
  • Media Gallery: Fixed error where the download option did not work properly if the site was configured to discard original images
  • Fixed error where the What's New block would always display regardless of the Hide What's New when empty setting
  • Media Gallery - Comment / Comment count was shown twice for archive media types
  • Fixed issue where the interactive ajax component for the polls_vote auto tag did not work in forum posts
  • Fixed issue where the static pages plugin would not return the correct URL for 3rd party comment integration
  • Fixed issue where topic icon support was not complete in the CMS theme
  • Remote auth user's with merged accounts could not change their password
  • StaticPage Editor and Story editor would add <i> when switching between visual and HTML
  • SFS Misc module has an invalid break statement
  • Media Gallery configuration - Enable Member Album setting not available in CMS theme Issue: #134
  • Fixed error in FB Oauth Login where it would not retrieve user's email for API v2.4 and above.
  • Fixed error where topic id was not used as filter in global story attribute editor Issue: #130
  • Trackback button missing on the trackback admin page
  • Several PHP 7 updates to support ping, pingback and trackback
  • sectest did not properly detect non-standard directory names
  • Scroll to top of page widget did not always show on initial page load
  • Media Gallery - fixed several layout issues where media items did not properly center
  • Media Gallery - improved summary index page (media-fi.thtml) - removed hard coded strings - set copyright / artist variables properly
  • Fixed incorrect detection of the Google+ username for some instances where Google+ URL does not have a plus sign (+)
  • Media Gallery - fixed typo in view_image, view_audio, and view_video.thtml templates - the language tag for download was incorrect.

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