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What's New in glFusion v1.6.0

glFusion v1.6.0 is a major upgrade that continues to build upon the foundation from the v1.5.x releases. This release continues to fine tune glFusion with several bug fixes. There are several new features and significant updates to existing features:

System Wide Updates

  • glFusion fully supports PHP v7
  • New integrated social sharing feature
  • New integrated social follow me feature
  • Improved admin lists, such as user list, to remember current sort order and filters
  • Improved redirection after login (remember where user was and send them back there)
  • Improved menu system - better styling and full support for multi-tiered menus
  • Improved layout on mobile devices in several areas
  • Enhanced database administration capabilities - backup, optimize, and convert to InnoDB
  • Automatically load more stories when viewing on the home page or when viewing list of stories in top. As user scrolls to the end of the page, glFusion will automatically fetch another group of stories.

Widget Updates

  • Implemented Nivo-Slider for the slider widget
  • Widgets have been rewritten to support templates (and the ability to specify custom template)
  • Added a new UIKIT based slider

Story Updates

  • Story Administration
    • New 'sticky' buttons for Save, Preview, Delete and Cancel - always visible
    • Stories can now have sub-titles
    • Stories can now have an attached 'story image' - this image (if set) will be used when sharing a story. The story image also provides the ability to show an image when viewing the story list, but not display when viewing the story content.
  • New headlines auto tag which brings a tremendous amount of flexibility and capabilities to how story lists are displayed
  • New global attribute editor - allows you to globally (or per topic) set specific story attributes such as comment enabled, etc.
  • About author block at the end of each story - if the author has provided input to the 'About Me' section of their user profile, this block will be displayed
  • New CUSTOM_whatsRelated() support - the ability to hook into and replace the current What's Related list for a story

Comment Updates

  • General improvements to the overall styling of the comment section
  • Ability to use 3rd party engines (i.e.; Disqus and Facebook comments). This will completely replace the internal comment engine.
  • Implemented SmartMenus JS System
  • Improved overall styling - SmartMenus automatically sets menu dropdown width and automatically wraps items as needed
  • Full support for unlimited levels
  • Enable target window for external URLs in the menu editor

Installation & Upgrade

  • Re-themed the installation/upgrade system to follow the new UIKIT look / feel
  • Improved error reporting - much better error reporting to help diagnose any install issues
  • New success page with alerts to provide key information that site admins need to know when upgrading
  • Automatically update siteconfig.php with any new features / options
  • Automatically remove obsolete files from the glFusion directories

Polls Plugin Updates

  • poll_vote autotag supports Ajax voting to allow users to vote without being redirected from the story or whatever they are viewing with the auto tag
  • Enhanced Video Playback Capabilities in Media Gallery
  • Implemented UniteGallery - a general purpose responsive gallery jquery plugin
  • newimages auto tag - display latest images in a cool flex grid that auto sizes images to fit the current viewport
  • Ability to set 'Use HTML' option per album (instead of global)
  • Ability to prevent media gallery auto tags from using height / width parameters - allows to scale to available space and supports responsive views much better

CKEditor Plugin Updates

  • New image manager- FileMan
  • Vimeo embed plugin

FileMgmt Plugin Updates

  • Fixed bug that caused download file size to be bloated when downloading over SSL

Static Pages Plugin Updates

  • Added preview option to editor

CAPTCHA Plugin Updates

  • Removed Are You a Human CAPTCHA option (service has shutdown)

Major Changes

PHP v7.0x Support

glFusion fully supports PHP v7.0.x. This will also be the last release that will support older, end-of-life versions of PHP. Future glFusion releases will require at a minimum, PHP v5.5x (possibly v5.6x) or above. The graphic below illustrates the current support for older versions of PHP. The green represents active support and the orange represents security fix support. As you can see, PHP v5.3 and 5.4 are no longer supported and PHP V5.5 is nearing end-of-life for security fixes.

Social Integrations

New in glFusion v1.6.0, is an integrated, lightweight social share feature. glFusion includes several pre-defined social sharing services, such as Facebook, Twitter and several others. You can enable which services you want to support and then social sharing icons will automatically appear for items that support sharing, such as stories, media gallery items, etc.

This is the initial implementation, in future releases, based on feedback from the community, we will be enhancing this system to include additional services and the ability for user defined services.

Follow Me Integration

glFusion now has the ability for each site user to define their username for several popular social media sites. The sites the user has enabled, will now have Follow Me icons on their glFusion profile page.

Site Administration Tweaks

When performing site administration tasks, such as managing users, stories, or pages, the interface will now remember your list settings such as sort order and filters. For example, if you have sorted the User List by ID in reverse order (showing newest users first), then edit a user, when you save and return to the list, glFusion will remember the sort order, page, etc.

Menuing System

With glFusion v1.5.0, we moved to the UIKIT framework for the look and feel. UIKIT supports dropdown menus, but it is limited to only 1 level, it does not support multi-level menus. With the release of glFusion v1.6.0, we have replaced the native UIKIT menu system with SmartMenus. SmartMenus provides many capabilities and works well with unlimited levels of menus.

Better Login Redirection

Since glFusion provides a login button in the header menu, a user can be anywhere on your site when they choose to login. glFusion will now remember where they were (what page they were viewing) and return them to that page after successfully logging into the system.

Database Administration Features

glFusion has always allowed you to backup your database, now with glFusion v1.6.0 you can perform some routine database administration tasks, including backups, optimizing the tables and converting your system to use InnoDB tables, which on larger more active sites can provide a performance boost.

Infinite Scroll

When viewing a list of stories, for example, on the home page, you now have the ability to let glFusion automatically fetch another group of stories when the user scrolls to the end of the page.

Improved Slider / Rotator

With glFusion v1.6.0, we have migrated the slider capability to the Nivo-Slider jQuery Addon. Nivo-slider has been around for a while and is one of the most popular implementations around. Nivo-slider provides lots of flexibility, along with a very small footprint, and fully support responsive layouts used by glFusion.

We have implemented this new slider widget to be backwards compatible. For more details on implementing the slider widget, please see the Slider Documentation.

More Flexible Widgets

Widgets provide a very quick and simple way to build some cool visual tools for your site. New in glFusion v1.6.0 is the ability for you to specify a custom template to use when building the widget. This gives you the ability to make simple modifications to the bundled template to change a feature of the slider or other widgets.

Story System Improvements

When editing a story, you now have a set of 'quick buttons' available that are always visible. These buttons provide quick access to the Save, Preview, Delete, and Cancel tasks.

We've also added a new administrative feature where you can now globally (or by topic), set specific attributes on stories. For example, you can enable or disable comments on all stories or all stories in a topic.

Stories can now have an attached story image. The story image adds a lot of new capabilities. For example, when sharing a story via social media, this image will be used by the social media site. You can have the story image display on the index page, but not when viewing the full story. Or you can have the image display as part of the story. The story image is really beneficial when using the new headlines (see below) auto tag.

Stories can also have a sub-title. Sub titles can provide some additional capabilities when using the headlines auto tag, such as displaying on the story image, etc.

When viewing stories, if the author has provided information in their About Me section of their profile, a new About Author box will show at the end of the article. If the author has also provided their social follow me information, their follow me icons will be included.

3rd Party Comment Support

Ability to fully integrate Disqus and Facebook Comments into glFusion.

Installation & Upgrade Features

Rewritten to conform to new styles.

Interactive Voting with Poll's auto tag

Now, when a poll is embedded in a story or static page using the poll_vote auto tag, the user can vote 'interactively' so they never have to leave the story.

Static Page Preview

We have implemented the ability to preview pages in the Static Page editor. This works exactly like the story preview feature.

Enhanced Video Playback Capabilities in Media Gallery

Implemented Media Element video playback. HTML5 audio and video players in pure HTML and CSS with custom Flash and Silverlight players that mimic the HTML5 MediaElement API for older browsers. Fully responsive and provides a rich video playback capability across a wide range of devices and browsers.

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