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The Official glFusion Administrator's Guide

The glFusion Wiki is the official repository for glFusion documentation. We do our best to keep it up-to-date, but we very much appreciate contributions from the user community. Maintaining the documentation is important and something that everyone can assist with. See the Get Involved sections for details on how you can help.

glFusion is an Open Source product and we welcome everyone to get involved with the glFusion Community.

Installing or Upgrading glFusion

glFusion General Concepts

  • glFusion Terminology
    An overview of the terms used throughout the glFusion documentation.

  • glFusion Permission System
    A high level overview of how glFusion's flexible permission system works and how you can leverage it to protect your content.

  • glFusion Caching System
    glFusion takes advantage of caching technology to minimize the number of database calls and improve overall site performance. Understand how glFusion handles the cache will help with overall site administration.

Site Administration

All site administration options are located in the Command & Control area.

Command & Control Overview
Provides a good overview of the system administration functions, with links to more detailed documentation on how to use each feature.

Detailed Information on Command & Control Options

HTML Filtering
A detailed description on how glFusion can filter user submitted HTML and how you manage the filtering.

Content Censoring
How to use and configure glFusion's content censoring features.

Remote Authentication
glFusion allows users to authenticate using their favorite social media site. glFusion also supports integration with 3rd party authentication systems such as Active Directory.

Language Support
glFusion supports multiple languages and the ability to have a site that supports multiple languages.

Content Management

Security & Spam Prevention

Plugins & Themes

Customizing the Look and Feel

How To

Developers Guide


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