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The Official glFusion Administrator's Guide

The glFusion Wiki is the official repository for glFusion documentation. The glFusion Administrator's Guide provides detailed documentation on how to configure, customize and best use the features of your glFusion driven website.

glFusion is an Open Source product and we welcome everyone to get involved with the glFusion Community.

Installing or Upgrading glFusion

  • Upgrading glFusion
    Step by step instructions to upgrade from a previous version of glFusion, including pre-upgrade checklists.
  • Quickstart Guide
    A guide to help you quickly get started using your new glFusion site.

glFusion General Concepts

  • glFusion Terminology
    An overview of the terms used throughout the glFusion documentation.

  • glFusion Permission System
    A high level overview of how glFusion's flexible permission system works and how you can leverage it to protect your content.

  • glFusion Caching System
    glFusion takes advantage of caching technology to minimize the number of database calls and improve overall site performance. Understand how glFusion handles the cache will help with overall site administration.

Site Administration

Most site administration features are located in the Command & Control area.

  • Privacy & Privacy Controls
    glFusion supports several privacy controls and configurations. This section guides you through the configuration options and provides recommendations on privacy policies.
  • HTML Filtering
    Many areas in glFusion allow user's to enter data, in many cases, HTML formatted input. Allowing user submitted HTML input can cause security concerns if not properly managed. glFusion implements a whitelist of allowed HTML tags. This section provides a detailed description on how to use the glFusion HTML filter and how you manage the whitelist of allowed HTML.
  • Content Censoring
    glFusion supports the ability to scan user submitted content for words and phrases you identify in the content filter and replace them with (or another item of your choice). This section details how to use and configure glFusion's content censoring features.
  • Remote Authentication
    glFusion allows users to authenticate using their favorite social media site. glFusion also supports integration with 3rd party authentication systems such as Active Directory.
  • Two Factor Authentication
    glFusion supports Two Factor Authentication allowing you to provide your users with increased protections for their login.
  • Language Support
    glFusion supports multiple languages and the ability to have a site that supports multiple languages.
  • URL / Domain Redirection
    Many shared hosting providers allow access to your site using either or Setup redirection to ensure your site is always accessed using the same URL that you configured during the installation. For example; Redirect to
  • SSL Redirection
    If you have configured your site to run under SSL, you may need to redirect the non-SSL URL to the SSL URL.

Content Management

  • Auto Tags
    Auto tags allow you to integrate various types of content together. Auto tags provide a very powerful mechanism to leverage multi media content, stories, and other content creatively.
  • Calendar
    The integrated Calendar plugin allows you to have site wide calendars, as well as, personal calendars for each site user.
  • Comments
    Collaboration on your content. glFusion supports a full-featured internal comment engine, or if you prefer, you can utilize Disqus or Facebook comments for your site.
  • Content Syndication
    Sharing Your content. Syndication feeds support several syndication standards including RSS, Atom, and iCal.
  • File Management
    Managing a Download Area. A full-featured file management solution allows you to organize downloads by categories, supports glFusion's permission system, allows both local and remote files to be included in your download manager.
  • Forum
    Online Community. glFusion embedded forum system provides a great collaboration environment with a full set of features, including group based permissions, community moderation, attach files to posts, spam control, full moderation capabilities.
  • Links Management
    Links allows you to keep a collection of links to other sites of interest to you and your users. Links can be organized by categories.
  • Media Gallery
    Media Gallery is a full featured media management system, supporting image galleries and full video / audio capabilities. Create portfolios or albums to share with your users.
  • Polls
    Polls provides a great way to solicit feedback and opinions from your users. Polls can be setup to ask several questions with pre-defined answers to select from.
  • Search
    How to use glFusion's search features, including advanced filtering options.
  • Static Pages
    Pages provides a very flexible method to create content and also integrate content into your site. Pages can do simple tasks such as provide a static page of information, or it can be used to completely replace your home page with a custom look and feel using auto tags and other advanced features of glFusion.
  • Stories
    How to create, publish and moderate stories for your site.
  • Subscription System
    Publish your site content using open standards such as RSS or iCal feeds. Allows external services such as Feedly to consume and share your content.
  • Widgets
    Flexible & Creative Ways to Display Content & Navigation

Security & Spam Prevention

    Bot protection to help distinguish human from machine input, a method of preventing spam and automated account creations.
  • Bad Behavior2
    Bad Behavior complements other link spam solutions by acting as a gatekeeper, preventing spammers from ever delivering their junk, and in many cases, from ever reading your site in the first place.
  • Stop Forum Spam
    glFusion leverages the Stop Forum Spam API to provide real time checks for spammers.
  • Spam-X Use
    Spam-X provides several modules to help identify and block spam posts, as well as, some management tools to help remove any spam posts that may have made it through the filters.

Customizing glFusion

glFusion provides several ways you can customize your site, including the look and feel and additional functionality.

Customizing the Look & Feel

glFusion provides several ways to customize the look and feel of your site. The easiest method is to install one of the available themes.

The glFusion Theme Support Forum is also an excellent place to ask questions and review previous discussions on customizations.


Themes are what controls the overall layout and color scheme for your site. glFusion offers several variations on layout, some with a header area, others with both left and right navigation columns.

  • Mobile Menu
    How to create / modify an off-canvas menu for mobile / small screen viewports.
  • Icons provided by UIKIT
    glFusion leverages fonts provided by FontAwesome - see what fonts are available for use in menus, stories, or just about any content area.

Customizing glFusion Functions

  • Custom Language Text
    Don't like the form labels or other text strings used by glFusion, no problem, create your own custom text.
  • Advanced Editor Customization's
    glFusion leverages CKEditor as the What You See is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor. You can customize which features of CKEditor are available to you and your site members.

How To's

Troubleshooting Guidelines

Sometimes things go wrong. If you encounter issues or errors on the site, check out the General Troubleshooting Guidelines for info on how you can diagnose issues or get support.

Developers Guide


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