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glFusion Chat

glFusion has an official glFusion chat server at using the Discord Text / Video Chat Service.

Feel free to join at glFusion's Discord Server

Map to the glFusion Discord Server

There are multiple rooms available on the glFusion Discord Server:


This is a read-only room where we post announcements about glFusion and it's plugins. For example, we post all release announcements here.

#glFusion (Under the Support Category)

This is where we provide general support for glFusion. Jump in, ask a question and hopefully someone will be able to answer it with little delay.

#develop (Under the Development Category)

This is where we discuss and collaborate on the development of glFusion and plugins. Generally we are discussing features and methods for unreleased code. It is a great place to offer your opinion on ways to improve glFusion or how specific features work.

#github-activity (Under the Development Category)

This is a read-only room that receives the commit notices from GitHub each time we check-in updates to glFusion's source code.

#general-chat (Under the General Category)

This is where we can talk about anything. Sometimes our discussions stray off topic into general chit chat. This is a great place to discuss whatever without clogging up some of our specialized rooms with general stuff.


Discord is available in all modern browsers as well as apps for desktops and mobile phones.

There are currently apps for OSX, iOS, Android, Windows and Linux.

glFusion Room Rules

  • Be patient, users might not answer right away because they may be busy most participants are from the US so keep in mind the possible timezone differences. Just ask your question and stay in the channel.
  • Please speak English in the channel, so others can benefit from the discussion
  • Do not start One on One conversations with the developers unless they ask you to do that. All question have to be asked in the channel.
  • If your problem got solved on Chat, please update the documentation accordingly, if appropriate. If you posted about it in the Forum before, follow it up with a description of the solution.
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