Report a Security Issue

The glFusion Team takes the security of glFusion very seriously. Our goal is to provide a secure and stable content management system. We also understand that attacks and hacking technologies are improving at an alarming rate. Should you find, or feel you found, a security issue with glFusion, please report the details to:

[email protected]

A member of our team will contact you for additional details and follow-up.

Securing Your Site

Keep in mind that glFusion is just one component of a web based application. Your web server’s configuration and the PHP configuration play a major role in the overall security posture of your site. We recommend you read the Securing a glFusion Site documentation for more details on deploying glFusion in a secure fashion.

glFusion Security Annoucments

If a security issue is identified, we will announce the details on the glfusion-announce mailing list along with the appropriate instructions to minimize the risk. We recommend you subscribe to this low volume mailing list to ensure you are promptly notified of any new security issues and new software releases from the glFusion team.

We also provide an RSS Feed of all known security issues and critical bug fixes.

We recommend that you either subscribe to the mailing list or add the RSS Feed to your favorite RSS reader.


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