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  • glFusion v1.6.6 Now Available

    I am pleased to announce the release of glFusion v1.6.6. This is another step forward in our quest to provide a robust and stable content management system. This release continues our focus on squashing bugs and fine tuning the interface. Thanks to our wonderful community, we have identified and resolved several minor bugs, improved usability and added a few nice features along the way. It is highly recommended that every upgrade their existing glFusion site to this new version.
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  • SocialShare Plugin Available

    We are pleased to announce the availability of the new SocialShare plugin for glFusion. SocialShare helps people share your stories, pages, and media to over a hundred social services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and many more sharing and social media sites & apps. SocialShare also replaces the old AddThis plugin.
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  • Call for Bug Reports and Translations

    It has been a little over a month since our last release. We've received some excellent feedback on minor issues that have been addressed. As we get closer to the next release date, I'm asking the community to help with reporting any bugs or minor feature improvements so we can get the v1.6 code base as stable as possible.

    I'm also requesting that anyone who has updated any of the non-English language files to please provide those to the glFusion Development team so we can include updated translations in the next release.

    Our focus for v1.6.6 is to continue to improve the overall stability and user friendliness of glFusion. We welcome all feedback and suggestions!
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  • My Quest to Find Good Hosting

    I've been mulling over the idea of switching hosting providers for a few months and finally decided it was time to make a move. I started my journey to find the perfect hosting company. Turns out, finding a good host is a lot more difficult than it looks. There are tons of hosting review sites, but frankly, I don't trust any of them. What I saw in their rankings and recommendations didn't align very well with my personal experience. I started to evaluate what I wanted in a host and started to build my requirements. Below are some of the things I've learned along the way.
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