Plugin Updates

We have released several plugin and theme updates to support glFusion v1.5.0.  Check out the Download Area for the latest releases. The following updates have been released; DocuWiki Plugin v3.0.0, Chameleon Theme v3.0.0, Private Message Plugin v2.0.0, GUS Plugin v2.2.0, and the UIKIT Framework Base Theme v1.0.0.

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Paypal Plugin updated

The has been updated version 0.5.6.

This release fixes some database schema inconsistencies from previous installations, and also fixes an discrepancy between the button type selections on the product form and the values expected with the product is saved.

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Custom Profile Plugin Updated

The has been updated to version 1.1.2 and is available for download now.  This is a maintenance release to address a few issues with version 1.1.1.  The only new feature is the addition of a new "account" field type which creates a dropdown list of user accounts to associate with a user, and the addition of a system variable to hold an optional parent account.

The Parent Account field is intended to group accounts in the case of family or group memberships, and will be used by the upcoming Subscription plugin to update all related accounts if the subscription type requires it.  This field can be left disabled if it is not used.

The installation and upgrade from 1.1.1 process has been tested, but as always you should back up your database before attempting an upgrade.

PayPal and Subscription Plugins Updated

 The PayPal and Subscription plugins have been updated.  Among other things, the integration between PayPal and other plugins has changed, so if you're using the Subscription plugin you'll need to update it at the same time.

The PayPal plugin sports a couple of significant new features and different ways of doing things....

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