glFusion v1.7.4 Patch Level 1 Released

We are been hard at work fixing a few minor issues with glFusion v1.7.4 and are pleased to announce the release of glFusion v1.7.4 Patch Level 1. This release is a minor bug fix release following the glFusion v1.7.4 release earlier this week. Patch Level releases are small, incremental releases that contain just the bug fixes. Patch Level 1 addresses two issues; 1) The duplicate email check for new registrations was broken, 2) The new PDO MySQL driver caused some issues on sites running a mixture of UTF8 / ISO language sets. Both of these issues are resolved with this update.

If you are already running glFusion v1.7.4, all you need to do is upload the files from the glFusion v1.7.4.pl1 Patch Level Release archive to your site, no need to run the upgrade or do any additional installation tasks. For those running older versions of glFusion, you will need to download the standard glFusion Release distribution and follow the normal glFusion Upgrade Instructions. New installations please follow the glFusion Installation Instructions.


glFusion v1.7.4 Released

As spring comes to an end and summer is ramping up, we decided it was time to make our next release of glFusion. We are please to announce the release of glFusion v1.7.4. This release continues our commitment to security, privacy and stability for glFusion. glFusion v1.7.4 contains several privacy enhancements, the usual array of bug and stability fixes and some minor security updates. We've added as many new capabilities as we could while still maintaining our commitment to supporting legacy PHP versions back to 5.3.3 and current releases of both PHP and MySQL. Read the rest of the article to get a full list of all the coolness in this release.

glFusion v1.7.3 Released!

We've been hard at work squashing a few bugs and optimizing the performance on glFusion Long Term Support. We're releasing glFusion v1.7.3 which fixes a few bugs in topic handling and the Forum plugin's badge management. We've also enhanced the Forum Plugins badge system to allow you to completely customize the colors of the badges.  As always, I would like to thank the glFusion community for all the feedback, bug reports, ideas and encouragement as we continue to evolve glFusion. I encourage everyone to Get Involved!

glFusion v1.7.2 Released!

I am extremely pleased to announce the winter release of glFusion, version 1.7.2.  We're pretty excited about this release as it adds several feature updates like Two Factor Authentication, new spam blocking modules like Akismet, cool Forum Plugin updates to Ranks, Badges and the addition of Likes. We've added as many new capabilities as we could while still maintaining our commitment to supporting legacy PHP versions back to 5.3.3. Read the rest of the article to get a full list of all the awesome updates in this release.

glFusion Online Chat Moves to Discord

The glFusion team has used Gitter for the past few years as an online chat tool to discuss glFusion's development and provide support to folks that stop by to chat. Gitter has served us well, but we have decided to move our online chat over to the Discord service. Discord is a free, all-in-one voice and text chat that's  secure, and works on both your desktop and phone. While it was originally positioned for gamers as a method to collaborate, it has become very popular with several Open Source projects as a tool / platform for collaboration. A nice feature provided by Discord is the ability for us to create multiple channels. We support an Announcement Channel where we will announce glFusion updates, plugin releases, etc. A Support channel dedicated to providing real-time (when we're online) support and a Development Channel where we discuss glFusion development, including plugins and themes.

Feel free to pop into the glFusion Online Chat and say hi, or if you have a question, jump in and ask - we love to hear from the glFusion community.