By: stefankleinrath (offline)  May 06 2010 03:32 am (Read 1184 times)  

Hi Guys,

I created an site for an very small football club. its calle FC Kleinhöflein.

Here is the link:

Please give me a feedback.




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By: Anonymous: Ero ()  Jun 04 2010 09:20 am  

get a warning when I try to watch your site:

"Varning: Din dator kan skadas om du besöker den här webbplatsen!
Webbplatsen på innehåller komponenter från webbplatsen som verkar innehålla skadliga program"

google translated:

"Warning: Your computer may be damaged if you visit this site!
The site of www.fc components from the web which appears to contain malicious software"

By: lgarner (offline)  Jun 04 2010 11:54 am  

There's definitely suspicious javascript following the closing HTML tag.



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