By: chewie (offline)  May 01 2012 07:44 am (Read 720 times)  

Hi all.
I am switching to a new webhost (freeing up my bandwidth at home and all) and have signed up with
I have a new installation going over there and generally things work and pretty speedily, however I noticed that when attempting to login or logout, the page sits on a blank white page at users.php or users.php with the appended logout features. I always have to manually go back to the front page to get anywhere then.

You can see their currently phpinfo implementation over at the following URL for my site:

They also have a openbase dir turned on variable. Other than that, not sure what I can tweak or request tweaked on my site? Can I dump my own php.ini in my base dir to overwrite some variables (like I could with Godaddy's hosting)?

Thanks for any feedback!



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By: Mark (offline)  May 02 2012 10:09 am  

Do you have access to the web server's error logs? I'm willing to bet there will be an error message that will give us a better clue on what is going wrong.


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