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I'm sure I've asked this before but can't find it.

Using a custom theme, I have some images displaying and some are not.

Actually I deleted all the files and loaded new glfusion files. I was already running the current version but needed to remove the old geeklog files easier. I restored the the custom layout directory. Now the header and many other images do not appear. If I change to noveau theme, all is well.

All images are present on the server, just not displaying.


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It looks like you have changed all the images references in the style.css to point to the goldenbook/ layout directory. If I try to reference an image directly (i.e.;, I'm getting an internal server error. My guess is that this may be a permission issue (the directory permissions don't allow the web server access) or there may be a .htaccess file in the images/ directory that is preventing access.


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