By: Anonymous: Alan ()  Oct 20 10 @ 2:09  (Read 697 times)  


I want the last posts forum block to be transparent as it's going to go over a menu with an image as a background.

Soooooo, I'm testing it on one of my sections ( and I've changed the pluginrow2 background to transparent, but when i try to change the pluginrow1 background it also affects the forum topics background (it's around about line 2010 in the style css file)

What's the best thing to do? create a pluginrow3? (how'd I do that by the way?)

Does the pluginrow2 background color command affect the any other aspects of glfusion???

Thanks very much

By: Anonymous: Alan ()  Oct 20 10 @ 2:30   

I've just noticed the pluginrow2 IS used for other areas of glfusion...

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