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I accidentally posted this query on the main glfusion support forum; this is where is should go:


Alan Smith Robertson

I've installed glFusion in a folder within my domain, so to access my site you have to go to:

After installing dokuwiki I have a problem regarding the path; according to the plugin config.php file in my private folder, dokuwiki is found at:

$_DW_CONF['public_dir'] = '/dokuwiki/';

So links within the wiki point to:

... etc.

skipping the "web" part of the url. Also the default template can't be found and the whole page is rendered incorrectly.

HOWEVER, if I change the plugin config.php file in my private folder to:

$_DW_CONF['public_dir'] = '/web/dokuwiki/';

The links work fine and the template is rendered perfectly. BUT NOW after editing a page the user is redirected to:

... p?id=start

And the menu link to dokuwiki also repeats the "web" part of the url.

I know all this is happening because I installed glfusion in a folder and not in the root of my site, but is there any way to get around this problem apart from reinstalling in the root?


By: Anonymous: shoepixie ()  Jun 15 10 @ 4:08   

Actually, I'm wondering this, too. Does dokuwiki absolutely need to be installed in a root? I'm asking because I was hoping to keep it hidden away until ready, but the dokuwiki (which is the reason I chose this one...well, a deciding factor at least) is already quite extensive...

By: richardbkk (offline)  Jun 15 10 @ 9:33   

Sorry if I say something stupid, but did you try to remove the first "/", so not /dokuwiki/ but dokuwiki/ the first "/" indicates the root...

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By: Anonymous: Alan Smith Robertson ()  Jun 16 10 @ 3:00   

Yep, tried that. In two weeks I'll be able to put the site in the root, make all necessary changes in the paths and check out functionality there.

Regarding "hiding" the wiki. Why don't you simply not link to it in any of your menus? The wiki's still there, it's just not accessible unless you know the url, and the wiki's access can be restricted so it can be excluded from searches as well.

By: Anonymous: midgardtech ()  Jun 16 10 @ 10:40   

I had a similar problem and just created a symlink to get around it.

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