By: Anonymous: Crimson ()  Apr 29 10 @ 10:40  (Read 552 times)  

I've spent the last couple of weeks fine-tuning a new site for my social club and I have found glFusion makes every step of the process easier than I expected!

I started my site as primarily a shopping cart/online store but as my business evolved to a social club, I decided to shut down the online store and my shopping cart's CMS functionality was nothing to write home about, though certainly "well enough".

However, brick-and-mortar social club leads to improved online community! Commenting on content / news, integrating my in-store software to the public website, a forum... glFusion has made this process easy. Being able to easily add my own PHP code into static pages or blocks has made is very easy to get everything just the way I want it.

Anyway, as a programmer, I know praise isn't as forthcoming as complaints, so I just wanted to let you guys know that you've done a really great job here and I'm so glad you're continuing to support this product, because I imagine I'll be using is for other projects in the future as well. Smile

(I'll post a link to my new site when I am ready for it to go live.)

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