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Hi, me againSmile

I was just looking at my site (it's getting there) and I looked at the topic block and I wondered, wouldn't it be nice to see if there are stories inthere that I haven't already read?
Than I thought about a mailprogram and the way these go around with read/unread messages, usually after the mailbox t shows the amount of messages and then seperately it shows in bold the unread messages. Would be very cool if we could implement something like this in GLF with the stories. Ican imagine, based on cookie or ip, the topics shown in the topic block like this:

Sports (15/3)

Telling me that there are three stories I haven't read yet.

Just a thought and might be another valuable feature making GLF stand out in the crowdSmile Personalisation is anyways an interesting topic enabling us to target specific (logged-in) usergroups or maybe use the profile plugin of Lee in combination with specific options based on specific answers on specific profile questions. But that's just another thoughtSmile

Focus on my first, would be a very nice.and handy feature.


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