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I want to either edit or delete the text that that is below the horizontal menu bar below the header (Welcom to, Admin, the date and time, Account Settings/Logout and Signup/Login.

I have looked and tried but can't find the answer ( I expect that if there was a noob score mine would have just gone up!).

Thanks in advance Thumbup !!!

Best wishes,


By: Geiss (offline)  Dec 11 09 @ 11:00   

If you enable Include Template Comments in Page Source, then do a View Source in your browser, you'll see HTML comments in the source of your webpage that reveal what template files are responsible for creating what part of the page. (Teach a man to fish... Wink )

The code you're after though is in public_html/layout/nouveau/header.thtml:

PHP Formatted Code
                <div class="welcomeanddate-text">
                    <span class="gl_user-menu-right">
<?php global $_USER, $_CONF; if (isset($_USER['uid']) && $_USER['uid'] > 1) { ?>
                        <a href="{site_url}/usersettings.php?mode=edit">{$LANG01[48]}</a><br{xhtml}>
                        <a href="{site_url}/users.php?mode=logout">{$LANG01[35]}</a>
<?php } else {
  if ($_CONF['disable_new_user_registration']==0) {?>
    <a href="{site_url}/users.php?mode=new">{$LANG04[27]}</a><br{xhtml}>
  <?php } ?>
  <a href="{site_url}/users.php?mode=login">{$LANG01[58]}</a>
<?php } ?>

                    <span class="gl_user-menu-left">
                        <a href="{site_url}">{welcome_msg}</a><br{xhtml}>

If you make changes, make sure to copy public_html/layout/nouveau/header.thtml to public_html/layout/nouveau/custom/header.thtml, and make your changes there. That way, they won't be overridden on an upgrade! Big Grin



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By: Anonymous: harryw86 ()  Dec 11 09 @ 1:58   

Thanks again, Eric!


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