By: Anonymous: A6-Intruder ()  Jul 28 09 @ 6:11  (Read 1035 times)  

Is it possible in Media Gallery to link to a image that is say in Photobucket or something?

By: Mark (offline)  Jul 28 09 @ 9:08   

Unfortunately, this isn't a feature of Media Gallery. For remote media, it only supports remote video like YouTube or streaming FLV.


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By: Anonymous: A6-Intruder ()  Jul 28 09 @ 10:49   

I thought so, is it possible to shift the Media Gallery path to another FTP? I can see my gallery is going to run out of space in the forciable future. I was wondering how I could offset that without having to going a new webhost or something.

By: Anonymous: omnialive ()  Jul 28 09 @ 11:59   


I've started a "hack" to do just what you want! I thought it a worthy feature and decided to do it myself and make it available for all to do!

Here is the post in the "gl Fusion Hacks" forum:

Anyway, the hack instructions are not 100%. I haven't hacked the thumbnail generation piece, but I was able to get the remote images to display once you clicked on the thumbnail to see the image. I tested this using a Flickr image I had posted.

As long as the website hosting the image allows for this type of "leeching", then you should be all set! Some websites prevent other website from direct linking to images they host (like my own personal website).

Hope it helps!

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