By: Anonymous: Jason ()  Apr 29 09 @ 5:51  (Read 722 times)  

In the mess of things I'm sure that emails were missed.

I was thinking about ways to help with promoting glfusion ... one of those being the stickers ... and figured that there is a good possibility that I'm not the only one interested in this, so I ask:

Would it be possible to get an added page here at glfusion with logos, banners, desktop backgrounds, and some other promotional media that we could use in our "Grass Root" efforts?

** I'm needing a higher resolution png or any vector file formated logos to make stickers (pref 300dpi or better**


*** on a side note, I couldn't be happier with everything that has been worked on here at glfusion. was my first experience with glfusion, and has become a grale to me. 14 sites and climbing everyday.

**** If your not using glfusion yet, Try IT!!! by far the most user friendly CMS out there!!!

By: Geiss (offline)  May 05 09 @ 10:14   


I haven't forgotten about this. I would like to publish a couple media items, but I don't think there is much interest on our end at this point in having stickers made. The cost currently being the main deterrent, and it's not like we're planning on attending any trade shows or anything in the near future. Wink

Keep pinging me every now and again on this, and I'll try to get some higher resolution images online for folks to play with.



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