By: Anonymous: tbayne ()  Apr 12 2009 17:05 pm (Read 661 times)  


I am trying to recover from a crashed hard drive. I have most of the files that compose the website, plus an update of my glfusion database from Nov 08.

The problem is I don't exactly remember what version of glfusion I was running when I took the backup - is there a way to tell from the database backup?

Finally, where can I download a previous version?


By: Mark (offline)  Apr 12 2009 17:29 pm  

You can look in the gl_vars table for a row name=glfusion, the value field should have the current version of glFusion. If that record does not exist, then you are running v1.0.0 or v1.0.1.

You can download the older releases here.


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By: Anonymous: tbayne ()  Apr 12 2009 19:06 pm  


Thanks for the quick reply. It looks like I was at version 1.1. I was able to install the files, restore the database, then run a migration - now everything works.

Tomorrow I will upgrade to the latest glfusion.

Thanks again for all the help.


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