By: Anonymous: Vazze ()  Mar 17 09 @ 7:42   

ASP: Have tried to set up your Sendmail / Postfix to talk with youre ISPs SMTP?
Maybe its a dirty solution, but you could try to get your Sendmail / Postfix to talk to your ISP, and then make glFusion to talk to the local SMTP..

glFusion -> Local SMTP -> ISPs SMTP. It isnt a longterm solution, but maybe it solves the issue right now for you.

Let me know if you need help to set up the local SMTP to relay mail.

By: Anonymous: ASP ()  Apr 04 09 @ 11:31   

Thanks for all your help, not sure what the trouble was, i could not get it to work (v 1.1.2) i removed the cms completly and installed the new one (v 1.1.3) and the email is working fine now Big Grin

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