Searcher Plugin Released

We are pleased to announce the new Searcher Plugin for glFusion 1.7.0. This provides a more robust search mechanism and is a drop-in replacement for the standard glFusion search.

The stock search function performs a simple binary search looking for all words, any words, or an exact phrase. The Searcher plugin goes beyond this by "weighting" search results based on how many times the search phrase and words are found. The result is that the most relevant search results will be shown at the top of the results list.


  • Improved performance by creating an index of words and phrases.
  • Assigns weights to words and phrases in order to return the most relevant results to the top of the list. Matching phrases are given more relevance than single words.
  • Includes an implementation of the Porter word stemmer to normalize word variations such as plurals.
  • The administrator can configure different weight factors for titles, author names, and contents. Using the default values, search results found in titles are considered more relevant than those found in content.
  • Deleted content, including content deleted due to a plugin removal, is removed from the index.
  • Can replace the stock glFusion search. This is a configuration item so you can test the plugin without affecting your site guests.


After installation, visit {your_site}/admin/plugins/searcher/ and run the indexer for any of the listed content types that you wish to appear in the search results. The initial indexing may take some time but uses AJAX to avoid browser timeouts. After the initial indexing is done, content additions and updates are automatically indexed without further intervention. If an installed plugin is later updated to a new version that supports glFusion 1.7.0, you should check the Searcher administration page again to see if that plugin is listed and can be indexed.


Visit {your_site}/searcher/ to access the Searcher plugin. The search form is simplified and does not include options for searching words or phrases. All searches are done based on the search phrase and its parts. By clicking the "Advanced Options" button you may still filter on content type, search for recent items, and search only among the title, author and/or content fields.

Once you are satisfied that the Searcher meets your needs, visit the global Configuration area, select "Searcher", and enable "Replace Stock glFusion Search". At that point the search box in the header and the normal /search.php URL will utilize the Searcher plugin.

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