Zero Plugin v1.1.2 is Now Available!

Usable Web is pleased to inform you that our Zero Plugin version 1.1.2 is now available for download!  We've recently updated this to ensure compatibility with glFusion v1.2.0, and to incorporate new coding techiques, additional comments and some new examples.



The Zero Plugin for the glFusion CMS provides a heavily-commented code skeleton that is useful for creating your own plugin.  This plugin provides absolutely no additional useful function for your site, but it is fully installable, and contains example code and data structures which illustrate how to:

  • Create basic plugin API functions
  • Create and copy documentation or help files
  • Provide user and administrative interfaces
  • Create plugin-specific tables in glFusion's SQL database
  • Install default content in glFusion's SQL database
  • Implement and automatically install plugin-specific PHPBlocks
  • Create localized, multi-language plugins
  • Use glFusion's caching template engine
  • Extend glFusion's configuration database to include plugin-specific options
  • Use the glFusion auto-installation/de-installation API

The current release version is: v1.1.2, and was released on May 14, 2010, and can be downloaded .

Support for the Zero Plugin can be found in our Support Forum.  SVN access is available from our SourceForge Development Page. Did you find a bug?  Would you like to request a new feature? Please visit our Bug Tracker!

This version of the Zero Plugin is designed for use with glFusion v1.2.0 or later.  An older version of the Zero Plugin which is compatible with glFusion version 1.1.5 through 1.1.8 can be downloaded from our site at

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