twitter_block 1.1

The latest release of FlashYourWeb's twitter_block plugin for geeklog/glFusion is now available for download.

New/fixed for this release:

  • introduction text when first installed(username missing)
  • relative times (config option)
  • tinyUrls - whew what a pain in the a#@! (config option)
  • twitter profile photo (config option)
  • follow me link at the bottom of the block
  • autotags (thanks for your help Tom)
  • Swedish language translation (thanks Daniel)
  • auto-install works correctly

Read the full story here.

Enjoy Smile


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Thanks. This solved the JQuery  conflict.

Just myself or selecting "no image" for the logo give a 'red x' type image missing icon?

Thanks for pointing that out

I've replaced the current archive, no version change - just a couple of lines in public_html/twitter_block/index.php

I also re-named the style of the date/time as it was affecting other dates on my site and I'm sure other users have seen this as well.