Translation Assistance Needed

Eric and I have just finished a new installer / upgrade system for glFusion v1.1.2.  Because of the changes in the installer, the existing language translations are no longer accurate.  We would love to have the installation script translated into as many languages as possible.  If you have a little spare time and would like to help out the glFusion community, we would appreciate your help.

The installer language file only contains around 150 lines of text.   We already have a commitment to translate into Chinese.  If you are interested in helping out, download the English language file.  Once you have completed the translation you can email it to us at  If there are any questions, we have a Translations Discussion Forum.  Thank you for your help and support!

by Mark

Mark is the main developer on glFusion. When not doing his real job and playing with his family, he really enjoys working on glFusion and the collaboration with the glFusion community.

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Hi guys, I would love to help out and do a Dutch translation for you but how do I know that others haven't started doing the same already? I just want to be on the safe side, before you receive several Dutch translations at the same time! Thanks Ron

A comment here that you are doing it would suffice, or make a post in the translation forum.

Thanks for the help!


Looks like we have a commitment to do a German translation.

I work about polish translation.




 We also have a Bulgarian translation courtesy of Dean. :-)


Thx Dean!



I hope you like my bulgarian trans.And i hope it will work  ... i will try to trans it to russian this time  

I work about spanish translation.



Manowar, thanks!  I just sent out a release status note and included you on the email.  Thanks again for the help!