QuickLinks Plugin for glFusion : Release v1.0.0


There is a demonstration of this plugin running at http://rowansimms.com/ see "QuickLinks" block on the right side of the website.


QuickLinks Plugin creates a block that extends the functionality of the original glFusion links plugin, infact it is a requirement that the original Links plugin is installed. Installing QuickLinks will add a block that displays the contents of the Links plugin in an easily accessible AJAX interface.

In detail the QuickLinks plugin creates a select box menu for each link category, and sub category, followed by the links listed in the category currently selected. The number of links shown is configurable through the administration interface and defaults at 10. Automatically pagination options will appear at the bottom of these links if the link count exceeds the set number. An option is also available to open any clicked links in a new window/tab rather than users navigating away from your page.

When changing the category an AJAX call is made to reload the links for the newly chosen category. Due to the nature of the call being AJAX the page does not reload, only the contents within the block change. As each link is from the Links plugin the QuickLinks plugin respectfully notifies the Links plugin when a link has been clicked by a user, therefore incrementing the 'hit' counter for that link.

The plugin uses the inbuilt security and permissions model of glFusion, the inbuilt auto installer and takes advantage of the inbuilt MooTools JavaScript framework to complete the AJAX operations.

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tested with glFusion 1.1.4 to 1.2.0

ChangeLog in brief : Version 1.0.0
Updated to be compatible with glFusion 1.2.0
Consolidated AJAX code
Removed ajax-rpc.php file
Updated PHP code to better typecast variables
See full change log in full story.
 Read on to see more information. Enjoy.

Install / Upgrade

Please ensure you backup your database before performing the install / upgrade (just to be sure). Upload the plugin to the auto-installer and just follow the install / upgrade prompts. Remember the file format should be filename.tar.gz. Uses of the Beta releases of this QuickLinks plugin can upgrade using the same manner.


No configuration is necessary to make use of QuickLinks. There are some options you may edit, these are located under "QuickLinks" from the "Configuration" icon in the Administration Command and Control Centre.

Summary of Administration Configuration options

The QuickLinks plugin supports three configuration options via the glFusion Configuration manager found in the Command and Control Centre. It is also possible to modify the language files for customised text and the template files to alter the user interface.

Show Top 10 Links instead of Root
Default: TRUE (show top 10)
Depending on how you use the Links plugin will determine how you would use this feature. The Links plugin allows links to be saved outside any 'named' category, these fall into the 'Root' category. When the QuickLinks plugin loads you can either show the "Root" level and the links contained, or categorised, by "Root" or, by switching this option to TRUE the Top 10 links across all categories are show.
Default: 22 (characters)
Links are listed by their name and their description is available by hovering over the link with the mouse pointer. As link names can be quite long and glFusion sites differ as to the width of the blocks this options allows of truncation of the link name to ensure it fits the block width. By default any link name greater than 22 characters in length will be truncated to 22 characters followed by '...'. Sites with super-wide 300px blocks should adjust this number up (way up).
Link Offset
Default: 10 (links)
How many links should be listed before pagination of the result is automatically shown.



Version 1.0.0 - First non-beta release - 26 April 2010
* Adjusted the AJAX methods and consolidated actions.
* Removed ajax-rpc.php file and included that functionality in public_html/quicklinks/index.php.
* Corrected three 'type' declarations that were incorrect.
* Adjusted layout of Plugin Administration panel.
* Corrected a few minor bugs.


Version 0.8.3 - Second Public Beta - 26 June 2009
* Corrected an error where only one window would open if "Open in new window" was selected.
  Now each link clicked on will open a new window and load.


Version 0.8.2 - Second Public Beta - 25 June 2009
* More configuration options in glFusion control panel
  + Show/Hide Top 10
  + Number of characters to show before trimming link names
  + Number of links to show before pagination kicks in
* Pagination of links, if number of links available is greater than config option.
  to show, then pagination will appear.
* Corrected JavaScript path error for AJAX interaction, now loads dynamically from site-config.
* Corrected UI issue for pagination where pages would not respect block boundaries.
* Corrected auto-installer plugin upgrade coding error that prevented upgrades.


Version 0.8.0 - First Public Beta - 18 June 2009
Initial release.


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Thanks for sharing your work with the community! And for taking the time to create a release story!

Nice work Rowan!
Is this also possible with topics and stories?? I see a great way to browse through topics and stories using this block functionality!

Keep it up!

Hi Eric,

Thank-you for the positive feedback.

In answer to your question, yes it could be done, please see my response in the Forums.