glFusion v1.2.0 - Plugin Updates

With the release of glFusion v1.2.0, we are also releasing updates to several key plugins.  The primary feature for each plugin is to take full advantage of glFusion v1.2.0.  Specifically, the Tag plugin has been updated to now provide tag cloud support to all plugins....

AddThis Plugin

The AddThis+ Plugin allows you to add the AddThis+ button to the body of the page where the article is shown, usually in the story header, but you can configure exactly where to place the button. The AddThis+ plugin is fully customizable. You select which social bookmarking sites to display in the compact and expanded menus. This release adds support for glFusion v1.2.0's admin authentication.

AddThis Plugin v1.1.2


Chameleon provides a very flexible theme for glFusion that allows you to easily customize your site layout and color scheme. Chameleon v2.1.6 has been updated to work with the necessary template changes implemented in glFusion v1.2.0.  

DataProxy Plugin

DataProxy provides a consistent interface for category / item data for other plugins. This plugin is required to use the SiteMap plugin. This release uses the new glFusion v1.2.0 database APIs.

DokuWiki Plugin

DokuWiki is a simple to use Wiki aimed at a small companies documentation needs. It works on plain texts files and thus needs no database. It has a simple but powerful Syntax which makes sure the datafiles remain readable outside the wiki. With this release, the DokuWiki core code has been updated to the latest version of DokuWiki (2009-12-25c) and has several integration improvements with glFusion. Specifically, you can now use any glFusion auto tag in the wiki text.

DokuWiki Plugin v2.0.0


evList is an alternative to the calendar plugin that provides a well formed list of events and supports recurring events. This release adds a new Calendar View mode and improved integration with glFusion v1.2.0.


The glFusion Usage Stats (GUS) plugin collects statistics on who visits your site, what browser and operating system they are using, which pages they view, and which links they are clicking to get there. It allows the administrator to browse these stats through a series of tables, getting right down into the data. New in this release is support for glFusion's admin authentication.

GUS v2.1.7


Metatags plugin which allows you to set keywords and description meta tags in each article and staticpage. This release takes advantage of the more secure database APIs included in glFusion v1.2.0.

MetaTags v1.0.5

Private Message

The Private Message plugin has been updated to fully support glFusion v1.2.0. The primary enhancement for v1.2.0 is that it now used the BBcode editor that is part of glFusion v1.2.0.  The PM plugin also takes advantage of the enhanced administration security feature that was introduced in glFusion v1.2.0.

PM Plugin v1.2.0


SiteMap will generate a Google compatible sitemap.xml file for your site. This update requires that you are running PHP v5.2.0 or higher.  We have added the title attribute to each of the links to improve the SEO features of the sitemap.

SiteMap v1.1.7


The Smiley Plugin allows you to maintain a custom list of Smileys to use in the Forum and PM plugin.  This release adds support for glFusion v1.2.0 admin authentication.

Smiley v1.0.2


The Tag plugin allows you to implement a tag cloud on your site. New in v1.0.0 is a much improved interaction with other glFusion plugins.  Now the Tag Plugin supports all glFusion plugins.

Tag v1.0.0

by Mark

Mark is the main developer on glFusion. When not doing his real job and playing with his family, he really enjoys working on glFusion and the collaboration with the glFusion community.

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