glFusion v1.1.5 Plugin Updates

With the release of glFusion v1.1.5, we are also releasing updates to several key plugins.  We continue to audit the source code and fix any coding issues that are found. In some caes we've identified and resolved some potential security issues.  Specifically, the has an important security update so all users are urged to upgrade.  DokuWiki and Tag have received some nice enhancements and the remainder of the updates are minor bug fixes uncovered during the source code audits.  Read on for all the plugin updates....


Private Message

The Private Message plugin has been updated to fully support glFusion v1.1.5. Thanks to the community's feedback, several bugs have been fixed and a few tweaks to the overall interface have been implemented. v1.0.0 should integrate much better with sites running modified themes as it now uses the standard plugin css styles.

PM Plugin v1.0.0


evList is an alternative to the calendar plugin that provides a well formed list of events and supports recurring events. This release is a security release that resolves a potential cross-site scripting (XSS) issue and also fixes several minor coding issues.


Chameleon provides a very flexible theme for glFusion that allows you to easily customize your site layout and color scheme. Chameleon v2.1.5 has been updated to work with the necessary template changes implemented in glFusion v1.1.5.


DokuWiki is a simple to use Wiki that integrates very well with glFusion. This release improves the glFusion integration. All user attributes are now properly passed from glFusion to DokuWiki, which will allow your users to take advantage of the DokuWiki page subscription feature. DokuWiki now recognizes all the glFusion auto tags, so you can embed content from other areas of glFusion into your wiki.

DokuWiki v1.7.2


The Tag plugin allows you to implement a tag cloud on your site. New in v0.5.0 is the ability to include tags from Static Pages and Media Gallery. There are also several minor bug fixes.

Tag v0.5.0


MetaTags allows you to easily manage the meta data for your site and individual stories. v1.0.4 now includes the ability to hide the meta auto tag for all users including admins. There are also several minor bug fixes.

MetaTags v1.0.4


SiteMap will generate a Google compatible sitemap.xml file for your site. This release moves some hard-coded language strings into the language file and also includes a few minor bug fixes.

SiteMap v1.1.5


GUS (glFusion Usage Stats) provides a set of very detailed reports that show who is visiting your site and what they are viewing. This release includes a new option to disable reverse host lookups and fixes several minor bugs.

GUS v2.1.4

by Mark

Mark is the main developer on glFusion. When not doing his real job and playing with his family, he really enjoys working on glFusion and the collaboration with the glFusion community.

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