Plugin Updates

We have released several plugin and theme updates to support glFusion v1.5.0.  Check out the Download Area for the latest releases. The following updates have been released; DocuWiki Plugin v3.0.0, Chameleon Theme v3.0.0, Private Message Plugin v2.0.0, GUS Plugin v2.2.0, and the UIKIT Framework Base Theme v1.0.0.

DokuWiki v3.0.0

DokuWiki has been updated to the latest DokuWiki release, which resolves several security issues and provides a ton of new features / bug fixes. This plugin now includes a responsive theme that integrates very well into the new glFusion v1.5.0+ UIKIT based themes.  You can download the latest DokuWiki plugin here.

Chameleon v3.0.0

The Chameleon plugin / theme have been updated to support glFusion's jQuery JavaScript framework. Chameleon has proven to be a very popular theme in the past, but as glFusion's efforts shift towards the UIKIT Framework, we plan on ending support for Chameleon very soon.  But, to ensure folks who are using it today have the opportunity to take advantage of all the glFusion v1.5.0 features, we have provided one last update. You can download the latest release of Chameleon .

Private Message v2.0.0

The Private Message plugin has been updated to support the new UIKIT Framework, providing a much cleaner and user friendly interface.  You can download the latest PM Plugin here.

GUS v2.2.0

The GUS (glFusion Usage Stats) plugin has been updated to support much better IP resolution, improved browser detection support and some significant code optimizations. GUS has also been enhanced to work with the new banning features in glFusion to allow you to ban IP addresses directly from the GUS user interface. You can download the latest GUS plugin here.

UIKIT Framework Base Theme

The UIKIT Framework base theme is a very plain theme designed to give you a good foundation to begin your own theme development or customization.  It was the based theme used to create the CMS theme we are running here and distributing with glFusion. You can download it .

by Mark

Mark is the main developer on glFusion. When not doing his real job and playing with his family, he really enjoys working on glFusion and the collaboration with the glFusion community.

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