glFusion Patch Updates

glFusion Patch LevelsWith our commitment to quality and timeliness, we have been posting small fixes to glFusion in the Known Issues page and via the Known Issues RSS feed.  We recently implemented a new process where we roll these fixes into the distribution archives as well.  This means if you download glFusion v1.1.4 today, you will have all the current patches for the existing known issues.  Each set of patches is identified by a patch level. As of today, we are at patch level 3 (pl3).  If you go into the Command & Control screen, you will see the current patch level of your system. Each known issue also states which patch level it has been included with.

There are two methods to apply the patches. You can download each updated source file from the Known Issues page, or you can grab the latest incremental release and re-apply it to your site.  Since the distribution archives are refreshed with each set of patches, both the full and incremental releases will contain all the current patches.  Patch level updates do not require that you run the automated installer / updater since they will never contain database updates.

Generally, patches should not require template changes either, but occasionally there are exceptions.  Because of a bug which could affect a site’s server load, pl2 did make a change to the htmlheader.thtml template.  The Template Change wiki information was updated at that time to reflect the change.

Our goal is to ensure you have the best CMS out there and that any issues that are identified are resolved and available as soon as possible.

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