glFusion v1.1.0 Development Update

While the team here at glFusion are furiously finishing up code work on new features in the upcoming release, we thought it would be good to take a moment and give everyone a progress update. Read on to see what we've been up to...

Some of the key enhancements for v1.1.0 include:

  • Moving the media processing APIs out of Media Gallery into the core. This allows both glFusion and plugins to leverage a more secure and improved upload and media processing system.  All core upload functions like uploading user photos now use these APIs. We also enhanced the Forum plugin to utilize these same interfaces too.  FileMgmt also uses these interfaces to provide better thumbnail management for uploaded files.
  • Where feasible, we have moved the online configuration options for plugins into the core configuration system.  So far, the Forum, FileMgmt, and CAPTCHA configuration screens are now part of the main glFusion online configuration system.
  • We've updated the Forum plugin to make better use of bookmarks, now you have a method to quickly retrieve your bookmarked topics, and sort them by a number of different fields including Forum, Topic, Replies, Views, Date, and Author. We've also included a Latest Topics tab that will be user configurable to display the last n number of posts (think an expanded version of the forum centerblock).
  • The comment engine has seen some improvements with the ability to automatically set a future date for closing comments on a story and to allow users to edit their comments if you choose.
  • The search engine has been overhauled to display a much improved set of search results.
  • Site Tailor has been enhanced to include the ability to define multiple menus, both block style (vertical) and navigation style (horizontal).  This gives you the ability to define both header and footer menus, as well as define as many block menus as you need. For a sneak peek of what additional block menus and footer style menus will look like, visit
  • The core email system now uses a new email engine which allows both HTML and text based emails.

glFusion v1.1.0 continues to evolve, and part of this evolution is better organization of the source files. We've moved many of the common source files out of the plugin area into the core.  For example, getID3 is the library used by Media Gallery to identify the mime-type of an uploaded item. This library, and several others, have been moved into the core code space to allow all plugins to leverage them and provide better organization for long term maintenance.


These are just some of the major changes in the upcoming glFusion release. There have been several other small tweaks here and there and also several bug fixes along the way.


We've also received a gracious offer from Sam (aka Rocky), volunteering to do Chinese translation for glFusion, and he has indicated that he will be setting up a Chinese glFusion demo site in the near future as well! Thanks Sam for your effort and support of glFusion!


This brings us to our last ongoing effort, documentation. You'll notice by the Dokuwiki activity in the What's New block over the last few weeks that we've been beefing it up with all sorts of great information. Trinity has started work on documenting plugin APIs, the database layer, and some other developer oriented documentation.


While this is great, we still need your help! Please take a moment and proofread a couple pages in the wiki that interest you. When you see where improvement can be made, please do so. The documentation is a community effort, and as we pool our resources, we can accomplish great things for the glFusion community!


Why do we feel strongly about it? Because we have set a goal to include a full .pdf manual, based off the living wiki document, in glFusion v1.1.0. We've been fortunate enough to engage the services of a professional commercial real estate appraisal formatter (aka Eric's wife Kim) to convert and format the wiki pages into .pdf manual form. She formats multiple 100+ page reports daily, so making our humble little manual look fantastic should be a walk in the park! Make sure to tell her thanks!


As always, if you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to voice them in the forums. If you see something that needs fixing, report it in the Tracker. We're looking forward to a feature packed release, so spread the word!

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