glFusion Release Candidate 2 Available

The gl Labs Team is pleased to annouce , the second release candidate.  Thanks to some great feedback we have made several small bug fixes and a few more key enhancements.

Distribution Packaging

Installing Geeklog has always been a difficult thing to explain, stuff goes in the web root, stuff goes outside the web root.  To make it clearer what files go where, we have broken the glFusion distribution into two directories; private/ and public_html/. All the files in the private/ directory should be placed outside the web directory.  All the files in the public_html/ directory go in the web directory.

Safe Template Customization

Another challenge with running a Geeklog site is that each time an upgrade comes along, for either the core distribution, or your theme of choice, you end up overwriting your customizations with the new templates from the release.  glFusion now supports createing a custom/ directory under each of the theme directories where you can copy and customize your templates. This protects them from being overwritten during an upgrade and also gives you an excellent inventory of exactly what templates you have modified.

For example; if you wanted to insert a Ad Block between the story body and the story footer, you would edit storybodytext.thtml.  Now, you will create a custom/ directory under public_html/layout/nouveau/, copy the storybodytext.thtml there and then customize it. glFusion will always look in the custom/ directories first and use that template instead of the stock templates.

There have been several bug fixes as well, for more details....Read More...


ChangeLog for glFusion Release Candidate 2

  • [General] Added a JavaScript date picker to the story publishing screen. [mark]
  • [Style]   Commented out the style for <hr> it was breaking the calendar display [mark]
  • [Plugin]  Calendar - I broke CAPTCHA support with the previous core sync [mark]
  • [Plugin]  Calendar - Add personal event submission broken [mark]
  • [Plugin]  Media Gallery - Fixed error where an album would get dropped from the main index if the columns set to 4 [mark]
  • [Genera]  Enhanced the What's New caching, now Media Gallery, Links, Comments, and Trackbacks will force a cache rebuild upon save [mark]
  • [Plugin]  Forum quote background image and text [eric]
  • [General] Cache Timeout should be configurable for What's New Block [mark]
  • [Install] Added a permission check on install to ensure FileMgmt config directory is writable.[mark]
  • [Plugin]  Media Gallery: Fixed bug in main album index where an album would disappear from the display. [mark]
  • [Plugin]  Site Tailor: Now accepts quotes in label. [mark]
  • [General] Footer RSS feed was hard coded to glfusion.rss, now uses the filename from the configuration [mark]
  • [General] Implemented a method to have custom/ template themes. [mark]
  • [General] RSS feed was not updating properly. [mark]
  • [General] Nouveua has a old copy of style.css in the css/ directory, removed it. [mark]
  • [General] Forum plugin uses id=fileattachlist multiple times when displaying topic, removed the <div> [mark]
  • [Theme]   Noveau's style.css has references to professional theme's images. [mark]
  • [General] Site Tailor - sitetailor.png missing alt="" [mark]
  • [Install] Link in default featured story to change password not resolving properly, removed link. [mark]
  • [General] Noveau's functions.php still requires the professional theme be installed [mark]
  • [Theme]   When Advanced Editor is used, there was a 'ghost' box at bottom of page [mark]
  • [Install] Modifed distribution to use private/ and public_html/ folders. [mark]

To upgrade from the first release candidate, simply copy the glFusion files over your previous installation.  No database updates were made and there is no need to run an upgrade utility.

To upgrade from an existing Geeklog installation, you will need to follow the upgrade instructions in glFusion v1.0.0 Release Candidate 1.


by Mark

Mark is the main developer on glFusion. When not doing his real job and playing with his family, he really enjoys working on glFusion and the collaboration with the glFusion community.

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