glFusion is now on!

If you aren't already familiar with, stop by and check it out!  glFusion has just been added to their list of hosted demo sites. is a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to try all kinds of open source systems—from content management systems to news portals, blogs, e-commerce, groupware, forums, e-learning... the list goes on.

While you're there, take a look at the other fantastic open source projects out there!  It's always inspiring to see how developers from all across the world are working together to build great software for the common good.

CHECK IT OUT:  glFusion on

by jasonhackwith

I'm a freelance web designer and consultant, a full-time graphic artist, a musician & songwriter, a poet, and a little odd. I've been attacked by a wild hot plate, traded friendly nods with an Alaskan Brown Bear, spent the night in an abandoned mental hospital, and I've accidentally pulled a fire alarm. Not necessarily in that order.

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 That's great news! I wonder how quickly we can get them to host v1.1.0 when we release it? :-)