Thanksgiving Development Update

While we are busy working on the next major release of glFusion, we are making sure we are not neglecting the current stable release.  We’ll be rolling out v1.1.7 soon with a few new features and tweaks, as well as, a few bug fixes.   We are running the latest development code here to ensure we work out all the kinks before final release.  You’ll notice a few new features as you browse the site.  Read on for more details…

In my opinion the most exciting feature in glFusion v1.1.7 is direct integration with Lee Garner’s .  What this means is that you can install Lee’s plugin and that is all you have to do to get the ability to add custom fields to the registration and profile screens.  Working with Lee, we tweaked some plugin APIs to allow his plugin to completely integrate into the registration process.  We have also included the necessary template variables in all the templates so you don’t have too.  Lee’s Profile plugin is very powerful and gives you a ton of new flexibility for collecting and managing data about your users.

I ran into a need for our local Cub Scout group where some of the parents wanted to ‘subscribe’ to the event calendar.  So, I added the ability to have an ICS syndication feed so you can now publish your calendars to clients that support .ics imports (Outlook, Thunderbird, Google Calendar, etc.).

Our CAPTCHA support has been pretty good, but one feature that has always been missing is the ability to have an audio prompt for those who are visually impaired.  We have integrated support for the reCAPCHA system into the glFusion CAPTCHA plugin.  reCAPCHA is an external service that provides CAPTCHA strings and also supports audio prompts if needed.  The cool thing about reCAPTCHA is the words you enter help them digitize books and newspapers.  Please visit their site for more details.

We discovered a pretty nasty bug in the Media Gallery rating code where the rating values could become corrupt.  While fixing this, we decided to strip this code out of Media Gallery and place it in the core code.  Now we have a rating library that can be used by other plugins.  We’ve added the ability to now have rating on stories.  We updated the FileMgmt rating to use the new star rating system and obviously updated Media Gallery to use the new glFusion core code for rating.

Mark Howard is working on a new Flash based upload system for Media Gallery that will replace the old and no longer maintained Jupload function.   Mark’s new Flash based uploader is a welcome replacement to the old, antiquated Jupload.  I think everyone will be very pleased with this new addition.

Finally, we’ll be rolling out a new plugin when we release glFusion v1.1.7.  The AddThis plugin is a social bookmarking plugin that makes it very simple to allow your stories to be added to social networking sites.  You can see it in action here, check out the + icon on each story.

If you run into any anomalies on the site, please let us know and we’ll try to get them take care of as soon as possible.

by Mark

Mark is the main developer on glFusion. When not doing his real job and playing with his family, he really enjoys working on glFusion and the collaboration with the glFusion community.

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Oh man, the ability to add stories to social networking sites is AWESOME!!!!!!

Making the rating system into a public API is great!  And nice work on the updated visual effects.  It looks really sharp!

Would the Flash based uploader convert video files to .flv too?  Is it part of 1.1.7?



 No, it will not convert between video formats. It is a Flash based multi-upload interface. 

This is great news to hear. Some of the things covered in this upcoming version are a relief to me to hear. I'm still having problems with the Juploader so hearing that Mark is working on a flash-based uploader to replace the Juploader is awesome. Since i'm using Gallery Remote in the mean time, i'll just wait a little while longer until Jupload gets replaced.


The glFusion software is just awesome just like its development team and staff. Keep up the great work!

Right when I think you can do no more, you do.  Guys, this is probably the most singlely the most important upgrade for me.  When you said Cub Scout group I thought you were talking about my group (  This is awesome.  I will continue to provide you feedback on the kinds of things I keep hearing the organizations I am working with want.  All of them are non-profit and so glFusion really rocks.  Anyone reading this, take the time to give these guys a few bucks.  If you have done it before, do it again.  I don't even know of a commercial system this awesome.

Abdul Rashid Abdullah
Muntada, LLC

One thing if you can do it.  When you output the File System Check in the install/upgrade process, can you create text for those who have the ability to run the file/directory modification in a shell.  Geeklog does this and it is very convenient.  All you have to do is copy/paste.

Abdul Rashid Abdullah
Muntada, LLC

Wow!!! Right on! I am so excited for this release... Flash upload sounds awesome and so does the social networking deal too. Is there any plans in the future to take a thumbnail from an FLV that is uploaded? That would be awesome. Thanks for all your hard work everyone!!!

Hopefully this means the previous tool I used in iPhoto (iPhotoToGallery) will no longer crash the entire app when trying to connect to MediaGallery via the GalleryRemote API  Seriously though, if the flash-based uploader is even 1/2 as good as it sounds, I think even my wife will start using it


Keep up the good work guys!!

That's great news. I've been waiting for an out-of-the-box profile flexibility for many years. Same for some kind of support for Outlook.  Two of my favorite requests in one release!