glFusion v1.1.5 Now Available

The team at is proud to announce that glFusion v1.1.5 is now available for download.  This release continues our commitment to providing a secure and robust content management system.  glFusion v1.1.5 adds several community developed and inspired features:

  • Community Moderation – This is a Forum plugin enhancement that was sponsored by Marco Belmonte and developed by Josh Pendergrass.  It allows the user community to self moderate the forums.
  • Forum Full Text Notification Emails – This Forum plugin enhancement was developed by Eric Kingsley. It allows the option for the subscription notification emails to contain the full text of the forum post.
  • Remote Image Support –This Media Gallery enhancement was developed by Jon Deliz. It allows Media Gallery to include remotely hosted images.
  • Improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Features – glFusion now includes canonical URLs for pages that have multiple methods of access.  We have also reworked the page title handling to ensure that each page has a unique and descriptive page title where appropriate.
  • Plugin Updates - For those of you who use the , be sure to update to the latest version after upgrading glFusion.  We are also releasing minor updates to many other plugins.  See the Plugin Release Story for all the details.

And so much more....There are several other enhancements and improvements with glFusion v1.1.5.  Read on for all the details...glFusion v1.1.5 Full Release (.tar.gz)               
glFusion v1.1.5 Full Release (.zip)                      

Core glFusion Enhancements in v1.1.5

  • Comment Engine Improvements - The underlying comment engine in glFusion did not work well with plugins. For example, a user has the ability to choose how many comments they wish to see at one time. glFusion will then add a navigation bar at the end of the comments to allow the user to page through them. This functionality did not work for plugins, only for stories. glFusion v1.1.5 fixes this and now all features of the comment engine work for all glFusion plugins.
  • Daily Digest Improvements - The daily digest feature allows stories to be emailed to users who choose to receive them. Prior versions of glFusion would only include a text version of the story in the email. New in glFusion v1.1.5 is the ability to send the story in both HTML and TEXT mode. This allows users who receive the email to see the story in the same format they would online. For those users who do not have HTML capable email clients, they will still see the text version of the story as they have in the past.
  • Support for longer usernames - Previous versions of glFusion only allowed usernames to be a maximum of 16 characters. glFusion v1.1.5 now supports usernames upto 32 characters in length.
  • Core glFusion Group can now be edited - In previous versions of glFusion, several core groups could not be edited by the site admin. This restriction was the cause of much grief for sites that wanted to enable a feature for all logged-in-users for example. With glFusion v1.1.5, the group membership and features of the core groups can now be modified.
  • New Profile APIs for Plugin Developers - Previous versions of glFusion did not provide hooks into the user preference (profile) screens. New with glFusion v1.1.5 is a full set of programming interfaces that allow plugin developers to seamlessly add new elements the various user preference screens. Taking advantage of this, the Forum plugin now adds a Forum Preferences tab to the user preference screen. The Media Gallery plugin has also moved the its user preferences to a tab on the glFusion User Preference screens.

Forum Plugin Enhancements

  • Community Moderation - Community Moderation is the brain child of Marco Belmonte. Marco sponsored the development of this cool feature. Josh Pendergrass did the development work. Community Moderation allows the Forum users to self-moderate the forums. For more details see the Community Moderation documentation.
  • Full Post Notification Emails - Eric Kingsley developed a modification to the Forum plugin that allows users to receive the full text of the forum post in the subscription notification emails. Eric was kind enough to share his work with us and it has been included in the Forum code base.
  • WYSIWYG Editor - We're finding more and more sites that would prefer to use a true WYSIWYG editor instead of the standard BBcode editor included with the Forum plugin. We have added the ability to now use the bundled glFusion advanced editor (FCKeditor) as the default editor for forum posts.  For more details see the WYSIWYG Editor documentation.
  • BBCode Signatures - Another feature found in many other bulletin board and forum systems is the ability for users to create a customized signature that supports images and various text formatting (such as bold, italics, etc.). We have added the ability for users to create their own customized Forum signature will full support for the BBcode attributes currently available in the Forum plugin.  For more details, see the BBCode Signature documentation.
  • Import from phpBB3 Forums - For those folks who are migrating from phpBB3 to glFusion, we now have the ability to import both users and all existing forum posts into the glFusion system.

Media Gallery Enhancements

  • Remote Image Support - Thanks to Jon Deliz, Media Gallery now supports including remote hosted JPG and GIF images. Jon even added the ability to create the local thumbnail, but this does require that your hosting provider includes CURL support.
  • Edit Media Owner - A missing feature for some time, Media Gallery now supports the ability to change the media owner. Site Admins can now edit the owner of any media item.
  • Tag Plugin Hooks - Media Gallery now supports the Tag Plugin, which allows you to have a tag cloud on your site.

Full ChangeLog

The full ChangeLog is available which details all the bug fixes and enhancements with glFusion v1.1.5.


by Mark

Mark is the main developer on glFusion. When not doing his real job and playing with his family, he really enjoys working on glFusion and the collaboration with the glFusion community.

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