glFusion v1.1.2 Manual Released

glFusion ManualHot on the heels of glFusion v1.1.2, we're pleased to announce that the living documentation in the wiki has been compiled and is now available for download as an astounding


We would like to thank all those that have contributed to the documentation and helped make it what it is today. Our goal is to continue to release versions of the manual in tandem with major glFusion releases. This effort can be a daunting task, but we feel it will be a valuable resource for our community, and will further establish glFusion as a serious and well documented solution in the CMS space.


Often we hear folks lament "I wish I could help more, but I don't know how to write PHP code". This is the perfect opportunity to jump in and help enchance the ongoing documentation effort. If you see where any improvements can be made, please don't hesitate to make them! The wiki is always open for editing if you are logged-in with your glFusion site account. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in ; background-position: initial initial;" href="">our forums. Now get reading and learn about all the cool stuff that glFusion can do! :-)

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Can you please provide th sources of the User Manual?

I want to start the Spanish language translation of it. =)

I think it can take me almost a month.


 Shoot me an email and I'll provide the Word .doc for any interested Translators :-)

Having an editable .doc version available for download might not be a bad idea for more than just individuals interested in translating the document.  As an IT consultant I find myself building websites for my clients often.  I always push the clients to use a content management system for their website needs and used to strongly suggest Geeklog, but since glFusion came out, I am now only recommending glFusion to any new clients.

Clients do not always want every plugin that comes with the CMS for their site, this is why it would be nice to have an editable version available for download.  This would allow a consultant to remove the sections of plugin information for the plugins that a client did not want installed, thereby providing a manual tailored to that clients needs.

This is just an idea I had that I thought I would suggest and see what you thought.

Except for the formatting, just about every word of the PDF comes from the wiki. DokuWiki supports translations but I don't think Mark has that setup. You should ask him in the documentation forum.

@ jmucchiello

Thanks for the information. You misunderstood my idea.

What I mean, is that Mark or some one else, took the information from the wiki and put in to an text editor like or nano. If I can get that odt or txt document, will be easier for me the translation process. Cheers

And my point was that a static manual will always be out of date. You should add translations to the wiki since most people search for webpages on specific topics, not books on broad topics. But again, I don't want to discourage you. If you only want to work on a big monolithic document instead of many smaller easier to search wiki documents, don't let me stop you. Having translations is good. I just think you should start from original source of the documentation (the wiki) not an aggregation of the documentation (the PDF).