glFusion v1.1.1 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of glFusion v1.1.1.  glFusion v1.1.1 contains several fixes that were identified after the v1.1.0 release.  If you are upgrading from v1.1.0, all that is necessary is to upload the new files, there are no database changes.

As usual, we are supplying both the full release and an incremental release for those upgrading from the previous version.  All downloads can be found in the glFusion Download Area.

We are also releasing a few plugin updates and some new releases.

has been updated with a few minor enhancements and bug fixes.

has a required change to support the search enhancements in glFusion v1.1.1.

is a Tag Cloud plugin that allows you to specify tags for articles in glFusion.

is a sitemap generator for Google. This plugin also requires the plugin.

glFusion v1.1.1 ChangeLog

  • Bumped version number to v1.1.1
  • Fixed bug where contacting a user would try to redirect to profile page when profileloginrequired = true
  • Added rdf_file to the fusionrescue.php fields
  • Fixed IE6 bug with the block menus
  • Fixed issue with openbase_dir restrictions when processing mime types
  • Added new multi-byte function: MBYTE_is_utf8() returns true if a valid utf-8 string
  • Calendar Plugin: Fixed an issue where the day of the week name would not properly display on UTF-8 sites
  • Configuration now checks to see if plugin help file exists before placing the help icon next to the configuration option
  • FileMgmt: Fixed a bug where non-approved uploads would show in RSS feed 
  • Forum Plugin: Fixed bug where it would not return you to the post you just edited, instead it would take you to the first post.
  • Cleaned up language file 
  • Cleaned up login form
  • Update MooTicker RSS feeds
  • Added a feature to turn on / off the FileMgmt integration with the Forum plugin for storing uploaded files.
  • Added feature to plugin_autouninstall to purge configuration data if it exists
  • Several folks reported issues including the Date/TimeZone.php file from the included pear modules in the usersettings.php. Now use full path if have_pear is set to false
  • Ensure a mime type is set when uploading files
  • Fixed a bug when highlighting a query and the text contains regex type items.
  • Reworked the search algorithms
  • FileMgmt: Auto tags did not work properly if URL rewrite enabled
  • FileMgmt: Filesize was set to 0 bytes when approving user submitted files
  • Fixed bug where username did not show in the search Author: field, instead the current username repeated over and over
  • Fixed bug where no more than 5 images could be uploaded to a story 
  • Moved the configuration cache file into the data/layout_cache/ directory.
  • Searching - Fixed improper use of stripslashes() on the results 
  • StaticPages: Fixed improper use of a bunch of stripslashes() calls.
  • Media Gallery: If both width and height were passed to a video auto tag, neither the width or height were properly set. Also, fixed a variable name that was mistyped
  • Fixed an issue where the bbcode parser could exhaust system resources.
  • Bad Behavior2 - Upgraded to v2.0.25
  • moderation fails with a 2 - Missing argument 1 for draftlist() error 
  • Media Gallery: img auto tag with alignment will not always work with IE.
  • Added missing security token to trackback editor 
  • If login is required for search and disable_new_registrations is true, non-logged-in users who performed a search were presented with a link to the 'New User' page.  Removed the New User link if registration is disabled.
  • Fixed a problem that only appears if the configuration setting for Languages is set, but Language Files is not
  • Removed reference to required_bg.gif in style.css 
  • glFusion did not honor the show_right_blocks setting
  • Removed reference to missing graphic on gllform. class.
  • Fixed broken API COM_sanitizeUrl().  We removed the allowed_protocol configuration option but neglected to update this function.
  • Media Gallery: Fixed issue with header parsing in the gps.php module
  • Forum: Fixed issue where notification email is off my one reply id
  • Media Gallery: Fixed an issue when importing from Gallery v1.x, the import would fail on empty Gallery albums.
  • Media Gallery: Fixed error in watermarking code that caused application to fail.
  • Enhanced error check when reading EXIF data from JPG images, ensure that corrupted images do not cause the application to fail.

by Mark

Mark is the main developer on glFusion. When not doing his real job and playing with his family, he really enjoys working on glFusion and the collaboration with the glFusion community.

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