glFusion v1.1.0 Released

The glFusion Community is pleased to announce that glFusion v1.1.0 is now available for download.  glFusion v1.1.0 represents another major milestone in glFusion's development.  This release brings enhanced security, improved WSYIWYG editor integration, increased performance and scalability, and enhanced integration of key plugins. 

Language Packs

The glFusion v1.1.0 archives only contain the English language files.  The full language pack, which includes all language files, is available for download here.

Required Plugin Upgrades

IMPORTANT NOTE: glFusion v1.1.0 makes some significant changes to the search API and the theme API.  If you run the DokuWiki Integration plugins or Chameleon, you will need to upgrade those as well.  We are releasing updates to both of these plugins now.  and will only work with glFusion v1.1.0 or newer.  Please do not update these plugins if you are still running glFusion v1.0.2.


If you are upgrading from a previous version of glFusion, check out the glFusion Upgrade Tip Sheet for additional tips on upgrading.

glFusion v1.1.0 Full Release (.tar.gz format)
glFusion v1.1.0 Full Release (.zip format)

Improved Security

The glFusion team has moved several files that were located in the web space to the private space.  Only files that are designed to be directly accessed via the browser are now located in the public_html/ directory.  All other supporting library and include files have been moved into the private/ space. This makes the attack vector used by malious users and hackers much smaller.  We have also implemented improved Remote File Include (RFI) protections.  Finally, we have improved the integration method used with the FCKeditor to provide improved security, preventing non-authorized users from uploading files via the editor's filebrowser plugin, but still allowing authorized users full access to FCKeditor's features.

Improved Search Engine / Results Page

If you do a search on the site, you'll notice the search results are now presented in a nice Google like format, with the results for each of the areas or plugins all bundled together.  Results are returned in date order, but can easily be sorted by several attributes.


searchThe new and improved search system is a result of Geeklog's participation in Google's Summer of Code.  Sami Mazen Barakat  is the student who developed the new search functionality.  He was mentored by Randy Kolenko. What they developed is in our opinion one of the best enhancements for Geeklog and it is reflected in glFusion. 


Improved Comment System

commentsAnother Geeklog Google Summer of Code project was to enhance the comment system.  The goal was to allow comments to be edited and also moderated.  glFusion has implemented the features that allow a user to edit their comments (admin configurable) and to also set an automatic comment close date on articles.  glFusion has not implemented the moderation feature at this time.  Jared Wenerd is the GSOC student who developed these enhancements.  He was mentored by Michael Jervis on the Geeklog team.   This is another excellent enhancement that brings tremendous value to Geeklog and glFusion.

Consolidated CSS and JavaScript

codeglFusion uses several CSS and JavaScript files to accomplish some of its great Web 2.0 features.  To allow you to customize parts of your site, we have separated out the CSS into several files.  As a result, page load times were a little longer since there were so many requests from the browser to the server to get each of the individual files.  We've solved this problem by consolidating all the CSS into a single call statement.  We've done the same thing for all the JavaScript files as well.  Now, only two statements are required to load all the CSS and JS.  We've leveraged the caching technology used in glFusion to make building and serving of the files much faster.  As a result, we're seeing about a 20% reduction in page rendering / load times!

Multiple Menus with Site Tailor

menubuilderWe've enhanced Site Tailor so you can now create multiple menus.  You'll notice the new Navigation menu here in the left navigation bar.  The footer menu is also administered via Site Tailor.  You can now create and customize multiple block menus and even get creative and place a horizontal navigation menu in a static page.  glFusion now has a full featured integrated menuing system!

Forum Enhancements

New with glFusion v1.1.0 is the ability to easily sort your bookmarks.  Check out the new Bookmark tab in the Forum navigation bar to sort your bookmarks by Forum, Topic, Title, Views, and Date.

forumWe've also added a Latest Posts tab.  This will display the last n (where the site admin sets the value for n) number of posts.  What we've noticed in usage of the system, is that we've fallen victim to relying on the Forum centerblock on the homepage to see new forum posts.  Since it only lists 10 items by default, we found we were missing some posts on days with lots of activity.  Now, we can easily see the last say 50 posts to make sure we don't miss anything!

Administrative Enhancements

submissionsWe've made a few tweaks to the Administrative interface as well. We've separated the Command and Control screen from the Submission screen.  We've also added a new Log Viewer so you can easily monitor your common glFusion logs.  Finally we've also added a configuration option to hide the Admins Only block except when you are on an administrative screen.


Online Configuration

configurationWith our ongoing effort to bring better integration and synergy to all the various parts and pieces of glFusion, we've moved the configuration options for CAPTCHA, Forum, and FileMgmt into the core glFusion online configuration system.  This means no more config files to edit!

Media Processing APIs

media galleryWe've moved all the media handling (resizing of images, thumbnail creations, etc.) out of Media Gallery and into the core glFusion code base.  This means that all plugins can leverage the same media management code.  So for example, attachments in the Forum are processed using the same code that images in Media Gallery are processed by.  This gives you a single spot to configure your graphics drivers and provides a mature and consistent interface for all plugins to use!

Mail System Enhancements

We've modified the internal email handling routines to include improved HTML email support and secure SMTP (TLS or SSL).  This makes it possible to use email providers like Gmail to send your outgoing emails through.


Complete Details

While the above list is not exhaustive, please refer to the v1.1.0 roadmap for additional features. For a complete list of additions and changes in glFusion v1.1.0, please refer to the changelog located in the release archive at public_html/docs/changelog


Around the Corner

Finally, don't forget to check out the v1.2.0 roadmap to see what is yet to come. As usual, if you have an idea for a feature, or see a bug that needs squashing, please check our Known Issues page and then feel free to post in our support forum or in the glFusion Tracker.



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Congratulations!! I have made a fresh installation for a client one hour ago... smooth installation, well documented and everything works like a charm.


Well done and thanks very much! :-)

Very cool.  I've been working with RC1 since the day it came out, and have had no problems.  I've got a couple of plugins in the works (one a rewrite of zClassifieds) and will be targeting 1.1.0 for them.

Great work!

CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a milestone. 1.1.0.RC1 passed with flying colors on all tests I ran on it; I'm certain the official release will as well.  Just some minor feature requests for 1.2.0 I'll be posting in a week or so.  Great job everybody.

"Beauty... is the shadow of God on the universe." ~ Gabriela Mistral -- Desolacíon

Excellent work you guys! I can't wait to upgrade this week - I'll report my findings! ;-)


- Marco

Thanks much for all your hard work Mark and the rest of the gang at GLFusion.  This is going to be a very nice system as time goes buy.  Thanks again.


Lee Goldsmith
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Acton, Maine