glFusion v1.0.0 Released

The gl Labs Community is pleased to announce that is now available for download.  glFusion is built on the foundation of Geeklog v1.5.0, and brings new style and functionality to your new or existing Geeklog-based site.  Pre-installed plugins include: CAPTCHA, Bad Behavior2, Media Gallery, Forum, and FileMgmt.  glFusion doesn't stop at just packaging things together, there are several enhancements under the hood that bring improved performance, scalability, and usability.

Additional features of glFusion are:

  • Template Caching Library - Significantly improves the performance of your site.
  • Instance Caching - This caches items such as What's New and the Forum Centerblock, which greatly reduce the number of SQL queries needed to load a web page. This allows your site to render faster and provides a much smaller server load.
  • Integrated MooTools JavaScript Library – Powering new Web 2.0 features in glFusion.
  • Improved FCKeditor Integration - Now your theme's styles are available in the editor giving you a true WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor.
  • Improved HTML Filtering - You no longer need to define each and every HTML attribute that is allowed, instead you can use the pre-packaged 'use_safe_html' which provides all the necessary vulnerability removal without the hassle of defining all the allowed HTML styles.
  • Full XHTML Compliant Site - This includes all the pre-installed plugins too!
  • Improved Upgrade Experience - glFusion reads the old config.php to pre-populate site name, slogan, DB, etc.
  • Calendar and Links plugins integrated with CAPTCHA – You asked for it, we listened!
  • New Site Tailor Customization Plugin - Exclusive to glFusion, Site Tailor allows you to edit and customize your navigation menu items and colors.  You can also manage your header logo with the online logo management screen, reducing the need to edit .thtml and .css files manually.

For more information on installing or upgrading Geeklog v1.5.0 and below to glFusion, please Read More...


glFusion deviates from the standard Geeklog installation process by packaging the release in two distinct directories, private/ and public_html/.  This helps clarify what files should be placed in the web root and what should be placed outside of the web root.

glFusion only includes skeleton db-config.php, siteconfig.php and lib-custom.php files, these are packaged with a .dist extension to ensure your customizations are never overwritten during an upgrade.   It also means that you must manually rename db-config.php.dist to db-config.php the first time you install glFusion.


Upgrading to glFusion is a very simple and straight forward process.  Simply upload the distribution files to your site, rename the db-config.php.dist to db-config.php and run the automated installer.  But, before you upgrade, make sure you check the Pre-Upgrade Checklist to ensure your site meets the necessary requirements.  Also, if you have made any customizations to your site's core Geeklog files, be sure to save a copy.

Always make a full backup of your existing site, including the database tables before performing an upgrade!

glFusion includes several bundled plugins, if your site is already running some of these plugins, they will automatically be upgraded to the latest versions during the glFusion upgrade process.  If your site did not already have these plugins installed, they will not automatically be installed during the upgrade. Instead, the files will be copied to your server, but you must go into the Plugin Manager to install them.

The Site Tailor plugin is an exception to this rule, it will be automatically installed during the upgrade process.


Will My Theme work with glFusion?

Probably not.  Geeklog v1.5.0 made several changes that will break all the existing themes.  gl Labs has documented all of the necessary template changes in our wiki, so you can quickly update your custom theme to work with glFusion.


Will all my existing plugins work with glFusion?

At this time, we are only aware of a few plugins that have issues with the underlying Geeklog v1.5.0 code base in glFusion.

  • glMenu v2.6 and 3.0
  • GL-Utils
  • FAQ v1.0.3
  • AutoTags

glMenu has integration hooks to the Links plugin which has changed significantly in Geeklog v1.5.0.  glMenu v3.1 has been released for Geeklog v1.5.0, you should ugrade to this version before upgrading your site to glFusion.

GL-Util, FAQ, and AutoTags need to be updated to address some of the API changes in Geeklog v1.5.0.  You should disable these plugins before upgrading.


Can I change back to Geeklog after loading glFusion?

Absolutely!  One of the main design goals of glFusion is to maintain 100% database compatibility with Geeklog.  This ensures that you can change back to Geeklog at any time with no risk of data loss.  You will lose all the value-added features that glFusion provides, but your site will still be 100% functional.


I found a bug, what should I do?

If you find a bug in glFusion, please visit the support forums at gl Labs for assistance. You can also file bug reports in the gl Labs Issue Tracker too.  Please do not use the Issue tracker for general support requests.


Is there any documentation?

Yes!  The gl Labs wiki is the home of the glFusion Documentation.  At this time, the wiki documentation is complete, but some areas need additional clarification.  We will be enhancing the documentation over time and hope that the gl Labs community will continue to contribute.


Additional Enhancements in glFusion

Installation / Upgrade

The installation and upgrade process has been enhanced to have both a better look and feel, and provide additional permission checks.  When upgrading, the site name, slogan, and other data are migrated.

User Contributed Stories

User contributed stories present both the intro text field and the body text field when using the advanced editor.

Safe Theme Customizations

glFusion allows you to place your template modifications in special custom/ directories.  This ensures that your customizations will survive future upgrades.


by Mark

Mark is the main developer on glFusion. When not doing his real job and playing with his family, he really enjoys working on glFusion and the collaboration with the glFusion community.

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Congrats, guys! This is the start of something beautiful!

Trying out GL Fusion just saved me from redoing my site in another CMS.


I have been the webmaster for and, that get a total of about 12,000 users per day.


I was getting tired of messing with upgrades and I was looking for a cacheing engine,  this release looks great so far, I have only been messing with it for about an 1/2 hour but it looks great,


can not wait to upgrade the sites to this new engine, 


The custom template feature is going to be a life saver, 


thanks a bunch

Sorry to reply to myself, but the menu builder is pure genius,


Being able to choose the items makes things so much easier,

you can jump to static pages by pressing the first letter of the page in the drop down,


I love this new implementation,

hey guys... the glFusion was really great. I've been using geeklog since 2-3 years ago. Frankly speaking, i was a bit depressed with the previous versions of geeklog, but yet, I stick with it hoping for something new to come. Thanks to gllabs, glFusion introduces geeklog with a new facelift and functionality. No doubt that this is a good start for the geeklog and gllabs community. Thanks. Keep it up guys. [yusri[dot]com[dot]my]