glFusion v1.7.1 Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of glFusion v1.7.1. This release continues our focus on stabilization of the glFusion CMS. Based on user feedback, we have identified and resolves a few bugs and provided a few feature tweaks. It is recommended that all users upgrade to the latest release of glFusion.

Additional focus on glFusion's comment system provided the following fixes:

  • Improvements with handling characters such as & and quotes in comment titles (inherited from the item being commented on) and descriptions
  • Resolved issue where queued comments were included in comment counts for several plugins
  • Resolved issue where queued comments were included in the comment count on the user profile page

glFusion has fully supported UTF8MB4 extended character set for some time. Because the database storage for UTF8MB4 takes more space (a single character can take up to 4 bytes of storage space), we have increased the allowable size of stories (both introtext and bodytext) from 64 Kb to 16 Mb.

Other general tweaks and improvements include:

  • Don't override the label for User Menu in menu builder (Lee)
  • German Language updates from Matrox66
  • Bundled documentation formatting updates
  • PM link was missing from Forum topic view
  • Disable SP preview in Demo Mode (only when execute PHP enabled)
  • Handle missing files gracefully in FileMgmt
  • Delete story on expire did not call proper PLG hook to alert plugins of story removal
  • Fixed redirect error after entering comments for filemgmt
  • Media Gallery - improved handling of missing thumbnails in pop-up video player
  • Forum - Anonymous user names were not displayed in topic view
  • [url] bbcode has html entities in link text
  • Sort topic lists by topic sortnum (story admin, block admin, etc.)
  • Fixed error when deleting a topic, only the first story in the topic would be deleted and then redirect to story admin screen
  • Fixed incorrect column name on ban removal call
  • Force theme to CMS and set allow_user_themes to false when upgrading from very old glFusion versions (prior to 1.5.0)
  • Slider widget did not use links if no caption given for a slide
  • Fixed error where story title / url were not set in the template prior to calling PLG_templateSetVars() which caused issues with some plugins (specifically SocialShare)

We very much appreciate everyone's feedback as we continue to improve glFusion.

We are also releasing a few plugin updates as well based on user feedback.

Testimonials v1.0.1 - Includes improvements to the random testimonial centerblock and block - the blocks can now scroll through (i.e.; slider / rotator) up to 20 different random testimonials.

GUS v2.3.3 - Several improvements to database calls for improved compatibility with newer versions of MySQL. A few minor tweaks to the installation (new installs set do not display left / right blocks) and disable plugin option (now disables GUS blocks when plugin is disabled)

Import v1.0.0 - We've received several requests recently to assit users in migrating to glFusion for geeklog sites. We've released Import v1.0.0 which will migrate any version of geeklog into glFusion.

As always, I would like to thank the glFusion community for all the feedback, bug reports, ideas and encouragement as we continue to evolve glFusion. I encourage everyone to Get Involved!

by Mark

Mark is the main developer on glFusion. When not doing his real job and playing with his family, he really enjoys working on glFusion and the collaboration with the glFusion community.

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