Plugin Releases for glFusion v1.7.0

The glFusion team is excited to provide 2 new plugins and updates to several existing plugins. These updates contain bug fixes, updated 3rd party code and compatibility updates to support glFusion v1.7.0. It is strongly recommended that you keep your plugins up-to-date.

New Plugins

We are also excited to announce the release of two new plugins for glFusion:


Searcher is an enhanced search system for glFusion. Searcher indexes content as it is created and modified and provides much more relevant search results by applying weightings to how often and where search terms appear in the content.  See the Searcher Release Story for more details.


Allows you to showcase your customer's feedback through testimonials. Site administrators can manually enter testimonials received via email or other methods. Users can also submit testimonials that optionally can be queued for review prior to publishing.

Updated Plugins

Put a Classified Ads section on your site. Supports the glFusion submission queue with email notification to administrators, and guests can subscribe to categories to receive notifications when new ads are placed. Releasing v1.2.0 which contains several minor bug fixes and updates to support glFusion v1.7.0.

elFinder Plugin

elFinder is an open-source file manager for web, written in JavaScript using jQuery UI. Creation is inspired by simplicity and convenience of Finder program used in Mac OS X operating system. The elFinder Plugin fully integrates the elFinder system into glFusion, allowing an Admin user to manage and edit files on a glFusion driven site. We are releasing v1.2.1, which contains updates to the core elFinder JavaScript code and the Ace Editor JavaScript code.

The Evlist Event Calendar Plugin provides a calendar that supports recurring events, event reminders and signups. This release contains several bug fixes, formatting improvements and functionality improvements including adding timezone support for events.

The lgLib plugin supplies core functions used by other plugins such as Evlist, Classifieds, Banner, Locator, Weather, and others. This release adds an output filter to resize images in articles, and a service function to resize images and return information beyond just the image URL. This version is an optional update but will be required for the forthcoming update to the Banner plugin.

A Geo Locator plugin for glFusion. Creates a "store locator"-type function where visitors can find locations within a distance range from an origin location. Also provides an autotag to allow inclusion of Google maps in stories and staticpages, and an API for other plugins such as Evlist. Requires the "lglib" plugin for some internal functions such as message handling.

MetaTags Plugin

The MetaTags plugin allows you to embed meta tags into your content. We are releasing v1.1.0 which adds several new features:

  • Implement plugin_autotag function, support all content types
  • Set tags via outputHandler class with priority
  • Remove PHP in Staticpage option, no longer needed
  • Remove default description and keywords to avoid duplicate tags
  • Add user-defined array of global default name->content values.
  • Set global default values, if any, with plugin_getheadercode function.
  • Refactor upgrade function in separate file
  • Add option to set article author if not set by a meta tag

Special thanks to Lee Garner for doing all the updates to MetaTags!

Private Messages Plugin

Private Messages (PM) allows users of a glFusion driven site to send / receive messages to each other on the site. The Private Messages plugin does not expose the user’s email, instead allowing direct communications that is fully localized to the website.

We are releasing v2.2.0 which contains a few minor bug fixes, stability improvements and support for glFusion v1.7.0. 

The QRCode plugin allows you to create and display QRCode images on your site. This is largely intended to be used as a service by other plugins, such as Evlist, but can also show a QRCode in an article or block by using an autotag.

SiteMap Plugin

SiteMap generates both an online sitemap and a Google compatible sitemap.xml. We are releasing SiteMap v2.0.1 which resolves a few minor bugs and improves PHP v7 compatibility.

Smiley Plugin

The Smiley plugin allows you to easily maintain a smiley library for use by other plugins. Currently the Forum plugin and PM Plugin can use these smileys. We are releasing v1.1.0 which includes several small bug fixes, improved PHP v7.x support and updates to styling to support glFusion's UIKIT framework implementation.

SocialShare Plugin

The SocialShare plugin integrates advanced social sharing features into glFusion. We are releasing v1.2.0 which includes updates to support glFusion v1.7.0.

by Mark

Mark is the main developer on glFusion. When not doing his real job and playing with his family, he really enjoys working on glFusion and the collaboration with the glFusion community.

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