Call for Bug Reports and Translations

It has been a little over a month since our last release. We've received some excellent feedback on minor issues that have been addressed. As we get closer to the next release date, I'm asking the community to help with reporting any bugs or minor feature improvements so we can get the v1.6 code base as stable as possible.

I'm also requesting that anyone who has updated any of the non-English language files to please provide those to the glFusion Development team so we can include updated translations in the next release.

Our focus for v1.6.6 is to continue to improve the overall stability and user friendliness of glFusion. We welcome all feedback and suggestions!

We've been busy since the last release of glFusion and have addressed several minor issues and overall user experience improvements. Below is a quick summary of what has been accomplished so far...

General / glFusion Core Updates

  • New visual slider for toggling Yes / No or On / Off settings
  • Improved HTML truncation - no longer orphans some opening HTML tags
  • Updated the video id detection in vimeo ckeditor plugin - resolves issue detecting id in embed code
  • Improved startup environment check to ensure required extensions exist and provide proper feedback if missing
  • Updated online help documents to include missing configuration items
  • Added rel=“nofollow” to What's New block entries
  • Display story summary at the top of the email story form
  • Fixed issue where help text did not display in configuration screen for items that were arrays
  • Ensure links in emailed stories are absolute
  • Allow Bad Behavior 2 functionality to be disabled in fusionrescue
  • Story editor improvements - moved sub-title and Published to primary heading tile.
  • Story editor - improved visibility of Published Toggle
  • Wrap mail story / contact user forms in a panel
  • Removed invalid UTF8 BOM marker from install English utf8 language file
  • Improved consistency on status / warning / error messages
  • Demo Mode updates
  • Cancel button did not cancel on forms with empty required fields
  • Additional environment checks (required PHP extensions) added to Environment Check
  • Additional environment validations (required PHP extensions) performed during install / upgrade
  • Updated German Translations - Matrox66
  • Fixed invalid button classes - modified type=“cancel” to type=“submit” - Matrox66

Auto Tags

  • Headlines auto tag now shows 'Continue Reading' prompt when introtext is truncated and there is no bodytext

Calendar Plugin

  • Removed hard coded date formats from calendar plugin

Forum Plugin

  • Disable text mode checkbox when using WYSIWYG editor
  • WYSIWYG tweaks - added spell check, maximize buttons - increased editor window to match height of non-WYSIWYG window
  • Improved handling of the edit post window and validation checks
  • Fixed incorrect pop-up message for forum attachments - images in lightbox stated click to download instead of view
  • Sort mood dropdown in alphabetical order
  • Rounded corners on topic list headers
  • Moderators were not displayed when configured to display
  • Do not prepend the “RE:” on reply subjects
  • Formatting improvements to Latest Post block
  • Fix on smiley replacement to properly escape text

Links Plugin

  • Fixed corrupted HTML in link editor

Media Gallery Plugin

  • Search did not display thumbnails
  • Improved album page head layout
  • Removed duplicated comment link in Lightbox Media Gallery album theme
  • Improved responsiveness of lightbox and clean Media Gallery themes
  • Cleaned up interface for rebuilding / resizing images and thumbnails in Media Gallery
  • Additional checks in Media Gallery view templates to ensure prompts are not shown without data

Static Pages Plugin

  • Fixed error where hits were not shown if show last updated date was disabled

We appreciate the feedback and hope we can also get some updated translations before the next release. As always, we appreciate the glFusion community!

by Mark

Mark is the main developer on glFusion. When not doing his real job and playing with his family, he really enjoys working on glFusion and the collaboration with the glFusion community.

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