glFusion v1.6.3 Has Been Released!

I am pleased to announce the availability of glFusion v1.6.3. This release continues to improve the stability and capabilities of glFusion. Several bug fixes are implemented with this release and a few minor enhancements as well. We are also releasing updates to the UIKIT, Demo, and Legacy themes as well. Each has been updated to work perfectly with glFusion v1.6.3. See the Themes Download Section to download.  We have released several plugin updates as well - check out the Plugin Download area for more details.

For folks who are upgrading from previous versions of glFusion – there are some important changes that may impact your site if you have either created your own theme, or have customized the header or footer templates in glFusion. Please see the What’s New documentation, specifically the Theme Updates section for more details.

Theme Improvements

glFusion has a feature that keeps the footer section ‘pinned’ to the bottom of the browser when the content area does not fill the page. This is controlled by some JavaScript that runs when the page loads. We’ve improved both the speed and the calculations used to better place the footer appropriately. For existing glFusion users, if you have created your own theme, it is important that you include a content wrapper that is used by the JavaScript to calculate the content height. Please review the Template Changes prior to upgrading.

Full UTF8MB4 Support

There really isn’t a non-technical way to explain this, but I’ll try. Basically, glFusion stores data in a database. We need to tell the database what character set to use. glFusion has always defaulted to using the UTF-8 character set which provides excellent support for languages other than English and the ability to store non-printable characters. Newer versions of MySQL, the database system used by glFusion, have the ability to store 4 byte multibyte characters. Standard UTF-8 is only 3 bytes. This extra byte allows us to store things like emoji’s (😀😄😊😌😚🤓ðŸ˜ðŸ˜‘😎😜) used by smart phones / tablets, or some non-English language characters. With glFusion v1.6.3, we fully support the ability to use UTF8MB4 as the database character set. We even have a utility to upgrade your current glFusion database to UTF8MB4 provided you are already running UTF-8. See the Upgrading to UTF8MB4 for more information.Note: For existing users, please ensure you have the latest version of all plugins installed before upgrading to UTF8MB4.

Story What’s Related / Story Options

Every story / article in glFusion has a What’s Related and Story Options section at the bottom of the full story display. The Story Options section has been removed, now the Print, Mail, and Subscribe options are listed next to the story title, exactly the same way they are listed in the index view.

The What’s Related section hasn’t changed, but there is a new Plugin interface that allows plugins to provide the what’s related information. With this release of glFusion, we are also releasing an update to the Tag Plugin that leverages this new interface. If you have the Tag Plugin installed and have setup tags in your content, you can now have a much more robust What’s Related section. See the Tag Plugin release story and the Tag Plugin documentation for more details.

New RSS Widget

Previous versions of glFusion included a RSS widget. We dropped the widget when we migrated to the jQuery JavaScript engine. We’re now including a new RSS widget that fully supports the gFusion environment. See the RSS Widget Docs for more information.

Other Enhancements

  • There are updated German translations provided by matrox66.
  • Media Gallery’s [media] and [album] auto tags now produce responsive images.
  • Logging in with Twitter authentication can now return the user’s email address.
  • Improved the visuals on the database administration screens based on feedback where it appeared the backup was stalled when processing large tables.
  • Added Check All capability to the submission queue screen
  • Improved integration of CKEditor into glFusion – better support for the glFusion / UIKIT styles
  • fusionrescue now has the ability to reset passwords
  • Updated several key third party tools in glFusion, including CKEditor, Media Element, OAuth library, UIKIT and Unite Gallery, to the latest upstream release.

Bug Fixes

The primary goal of this release was to identify and resolve as many bugs as possible. We’ve received some great feedback from the glFusion community on things that didn’t’ t work exactly as they should and have fixed several issues.

  • Links auto tag did not honor category permissions
  • System messages with double quotes would not display
  • Environment check was looking in the wrong place to test permissions on some files
  • Adding new ‘keyed’ configuration options did not work (clicking the + sign to add a new field)
  • RSS feeds did not use the attribution author’s name
  • Options at the bottom of the Forum post screen were not displayed
  • The Check All / Un-Check all option on Media Gallery’s admin screen to set EXIF/IPTC options did not work
  • Plugin uploads could fail if the uploaded plugin was in tar.gz format
  • Media Gallery’s jhead support (ability to save EXIF data during resizing) was broken
  • Media Gallery’s Info icon (little round I icon) did not work on mobile devices
  • Fixed some hard coded language strings

There are several other minor fixes / updates – see the What’s New section for a full breakdown of the changes.

Wiki Updates

We've also been busy updating the documentation and adding some new content to the glFusion Wiki. We've added a new section on Customizing a Theme that provides some great information on how to tweak one of the existing themes or build your own.  We've also made several improvements to the overall formatting, making it easier to read. There are several updates throughout where we have tried to add more information or clarify things a little better. We'll continue to evolve and improve the Wiki and always welcome any help in this area. See the Getting Involved section for more details.

As always, I appreciate all of the feedback and interaction with the glFusion community! 

Mark - On behalf of the glFusion Development Community

by Mark

Mark is the main developer on glFusion. When not doing his real job and playing with his family, he really enjoys working on glFusion and the collaboration with the glFusion community.

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