glFusion v1.6.2 Now Available!

Magical and Mystical!

I am very pleased to announce the release of glFusion v1.6.2. This release continues to fine tune and enhance the capabilities of glFusion v1.6. A lot of focus on been on finding and fixing bugs and adding some polish to several new features and the overall look and feel. We spent a lot of time focusing on PHP 7 compatibility, including PHP v7.1. We also put a significant amount of effort in leveraging more UIKIT capabilities for Media Gallery. 

Auto Tag Permissions

glFusion has long supported permissions around auto tags - focused on where an auto tag is allowed versus who can use one. Since auto tags allow different types of content to be mixed, controlling where an auto tag can be used becomes very important. For example, the [showblock:] auto tag will display a glFusion block in content - it makes a lot of sense for this auto tag to be available in static pages, but very little sense to have it available in comments or a media gallery image title. To facilitate setting up your auto tag permissions to suit your needs, we've added a new auto tag permission editor to glFusion, this allows you to set what auto tags are allowed by content area.


We continue our committment to providing a solid, well tested system to our users. glFusion has again been evaluated by HPE's Security WebInspect, an automated dynamic application security testing (DAST) tool that mimics real-world hacking techniques and attacks, and provides comprehensive dynamic analysis of complex web applications and services. I'm pleased to state that no issues were identified. Due to our wonderful user community and their committment back to glFusion, we've had the luxury of having glFusion evaluated by WebInspect several times over the past 4 years. 

A reminder, HP's Fortify Open Review Project did a full code analysis of glFusion using thier Source Code Analyzer last year. No open exploits were discovered, but due to the assessment and its results, we made over 200 code improvements to implement best practices. glFusion is very committed to best practice processes to provide additional validations of our work and our code. 

We have also added some additional polish to the upgrade routine that removes obsolete files. Now if you decide to skip the removal, glFusion will prompt for confirmation, giving you one more opportunity to remove the old, obsolete files that are no longer needed. Proper housekeeping is an essential step in your overall security posture. Finally, we've updated the Environment Check and Upgrade routines to alert you if you are running an older, no longer supported version of PHP.

Plugin Administration

glFusion has always been very strict in enforcing a specific directory structure in the Plugin Upload option. This has caused some confusion and problems when trying to upload plugins that were downloaded directly from online source repositories like GitHub. With glFusion v1.6.2, we've enhanced the Plugin Upload capabilities to fully support plugins that are downloaded from online repositories. You can easily grab the latest version directly from GitHub and upload to your site without any modifications.

Driven By glFusion

We are very proud of what glFusion has evolved into and are very excited about the future of glFusion. To show off a little, and to help drive more users, we've added a 'Driven By glFusion CMS' brag / tag line to the footer of the CMS theme. We hope most folks will elect to keep this in place to help spread the word about glFusion, but understand that it is purely optional and can easily be removed. 

fusionrescue Improvements

We continue to expand the usefullness and feature set of fusionrescue - our emergency repair tool. You can now reset passwords, which can be very helpful if you ever forget the admin login for a site. 

Media Gallery Polish

We've put a lot of focus on Media Gallery during this release cycle. Specifically focusing on taking full advantage of the capabilities provided by UIKIT, our framework of choice. We've expanded the Media Gallery theme support to the main Media Gallery index page, including the Summary Index page. We've tweaked the uikit theme to provide better responsive capabilities. We've added a new theme called uikit-overlay which provides a very modern and stylish view for Media Gallery. We've also fixed several small, but annoying bugs in Media Gallery as well.

Much, Much More...

We've fixed several small issues, greatly improved the PHP v7 (including v7.1) compatibility and added some small tweaks to be utilize screen space in the administrative interfaces. For a full list of fixes and enhancements, please see the What's New page.

What's Next

The current plan is to start focusing on the next major release of glFusion. There are several great feature requests on our GitHub Page. UIKIT, the UI framework we have standardized on has a big release coming out soon, UIKIT 3. This should bring a lot of new capabilities that glFusion can leverage. The blocks system in glFusion needs some major rework to break the right / left model so it can be much more flexible. Theming is always an area we need to focus. I know there are some new themes in the works from our user community. We may look at doing a Chameleon type theme where you can choose the header / footer style, block styles, menu style, etc. Basically bring in a lot of flexibility in layout into one theme. I'm sure there will be no shortage of ideas and work to do!

Wrap Up

We really enjoy hearing from our users and we welcome everyone to get involved with glFusion, please check out the Getting Involved section of the wiki for information on how you can get more involved with the glFusion community and development.

Don't forget, we hang out on the glFusion Online Chat so stop by and say hi, or if you need any assistance, feel free to post your questions here in the forums or on the interactive glFusion Online Chat.

by Mark

Mark is the main developer on glFusion. When not doing his real job and playing with his family, he really enjoys working on glFusion and the collaboration with the glFusion community.

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This release of glFusion has finally prompted me to update all 4 sites I own that are powered by glFusion. Three sites are public on the internet and one is an internal IT organization site for my team of IT admins where I work. Excellent job to Mark and everyone else who has contributed to get glFusion where it is today.