Getting Ready for glFusion v1.6.0

We are getting ready for the next major release of glFusion, version 1.6.0.  I'm really excited about this release as it brings a ton of new features and capabilities!  We are running the latest version here at, so you can already see one of the great new features, the ability to integrate (completely) 3rd party comment engines. glFusion now supports it's own internal comment engine (what we've all known for years), Disqus and Facebook Social comments.  You decide which best suits your needs. We've decided to give the Disqus engine a try here.  A few other features you may notice is our new social sharing and social follow integration. Now you have the ability to enable fully integrated social sharing of your content items (stories, photographs, files, etc.).  Also, each user can now select the social media services they participate in and have follow me icons show up in their user profile.  This is just a small sample of what we have packaged in glFusion v1.6.0.  Head over to to see what can be done with the new headlines and newimages auto tags and the newly integrated UniteGallery (in Media Gallery).

There has been a good group of folks collaborating on the glFusion Online Chat Room. Lot's of great ideas and tons of help in testing and documentation! Please feel free to come join the collaboration - everyone is welcome!  The next main focus is to get the documentation updated and the code well tested. I hope to have the release out in early July, provided no major issues are found.  Below are some of the highlights of what is included in the next release:

  • External Comment System Integrations - Disqus and Facebook Comments - you now have the option to replace glFusion's internal comment system with one of these 3rd party comment engines
  • Integration of several social sharing services
  • Integration of several social follow me services - each user can select which social sites they are active on and have a Follow Me icon or icons show up below their profile image
  • Automatically load new stories when users reach end of page while browsing topics
  • Ability to add a story image, which can be used when sharing a story via social media or as part of the headline for the story
  • New About the Author box at the footer of each story (provided the user has entered something in the About Me section of their user profile
  • Stories can now have a sub title
  • Sticky Admin Lists in the glFusion admin screens - now remembers sort order, etc. when editing and adding new items and returning to the list
  • Multi-Level menu support for UIKIT based themes
  • UniteGallery integration to Media Gallery - a very cool way to view your photos
  • New File / Image Manager for CKEditor
  • Enhanced widget flexibility
  • Media Gallery video playback improvements
  • Ability to preview static pages
  • Menu system now fully support multi-level menus
  • Updated and improved the Slider widget
  • Rewritten Install / Upgrade Wizard
  • Rewritten fusionrescue - improved the overall user friendliness of the tool
  • headlines auto tag
  • Improved HTML5 video support in Media Gallery
  • Full PHP v7 support

Now, back to testing and documenting!


The glFusion Development Team

by Mark

Mark is the main developer on glFusion. When not doing his real job and playing with his family, he really enjoys working on glFusion and the collaboration with the glFusion community.

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